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Welcome! I’m Carla

I call myself a Creatrix. Shakti Lioness. Embodied yoga and breath facilitator. Lover of dance, music and movement. Believer in the breath. Mother to 3 divine souls. Health and holistic nut. Explorer of stillness and expansion. Tantrika disciple. World adventurer. Artist and visionary. Seeker of truth and authenticity. Warrior for inclusivity. Dedicated healer of the collective. Devoted partner to my beloved. Priestess and pathfinder of the sacred feminine. Believer in humanity.

This is a sacred online space devoted to supporting YOU in accessing and connecting to the energy of Shakti, the creative impulse of the feminine, in your spiritual and yoga practice.

Finding and surrendering into the energy of Shakti has been powerfully transformative for me in so many profound ways. Loving and appreciating my body as a beautiful temple (just the way it is), feeling more pleasure, feeling alive, sensuous, and feeling connected to the Divine Feminine. I feel more embodied as a woman than I ever have before. And I want the same for you.

Within these pages, you will find my upcoming Retreats, Workshops, Coaching, Online Offerings, Blog and various other juicy tidbits.

I welcome you to peruse the delights contained within these pages. My deepest desire is to be in service to YOU. May we co-create a life together that allows us to heal, transform and awaken.

love & pranams,



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“Carla’s retreat was extraordinary!

The two daily yoga sessions nicely framed the day while allowing us time in between to do our own thing. Carla is an excellent teacher who really knows her stuff but is also fun and compassionate. I loved the extras too – cooking lesson, gong bath, salsa dance lesson, massage etc. My practice has already shifted and even though I am “back in my life” I feel I will be able to retain the focus I left Mexico with. Thank you!”

– Alexandra Ewashen


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in the weeds

Do you have a garden? If you do, how do you feel about weeding? We have several gardens on our property and weeding is just part of my summer routine. I don't really mind it at all actually - I love getting my hands in the soil and actually find it quite meditative....

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your body remembers

If we went way back in time and asked one of our ancestors about their connection to Spirituality they might look at us in disbelief. Before the word and concept came into being, each of us experienced a seamless connection to life and the Earth that was embedded...

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the gifts of Airmid

This month in the Embracing Shakti Temple our featured embodiment of the Divine Feminine is Airmid, the Irish Goddess of Herbs and the Art of Healing. She is a goddess who takes things slowly and is content to wait. She understands that healing and growth can take...

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