FEBRUARY 24th to MARCH 3rd, 2018


Are you a lover of life and adventure?

Do you want to learn new skills like Mexican cooking, Mezcal tasting and gain new appreciation for art, history and culture?

Are you ready to have a truly authentic and epic experience in the heart of Mexico?


Then join Carla and Teddy on this exciting, revitalizing and off-the-beaten path adventure in breathtaking Oaxaca!


FEBRUARY 24th to MARCH 3rd, 2018


Let the adventure continue in historic Oaxaca for a week of gastronomy, culture, history and more!

Why Oaxaca?

I left my heart in Oaxaca, the artistic heartland of Mexico, when I came to visit in 2016 with my family. It ranks as one of my top 5 places on the planet. I just knew I had to return but I didn’t want to keep this experience to myself. So upon my return, I promised to bring other beautiful souls with me because I know it will change their lives forever. And I’ve partnered with Teddy Solano, Mexican chef and adventurer at heart to help lead this fantastic week. We are incredibly excited to share this experience with you.

The retreat to Oaxaca is a 7-day adventure that will give you a truly different perspective of the amazing country of Mexico. Oaxaca’s unique cultural traditions and cultural attractions bring visitors the world over. A symphony of sound, colour and taste awaits you as as we discover Oaxaca one day at a time! 


  • Street dances
  • Incredible ruins with rich history
  • Colonial art and architecture
  • Picturesque views of landscapes and nature
  • Delicious mezcal margaritas
  • Mouth-watering flavours

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and founded in 1529, Oaxaca is home to spectacular archaeological sites like Monte Alban and Mitla as well as inspiring rock formations at Hierve el Aqua, all of which we will visit on our tour.


Here’s what’s in it for you….

  • Cooking Classes – get the chance to learn how to make mouth-watering regional dishes under the direction of Chef Teddy Solano.
  • Old City – explore the vibrant old city centre lined up with colonial art and architecture. Catch a whiff of mouth-watering aroma of Mexican food being cooked in side streets and small local restaurants
  • Mezcal Cuisine – drink and eat where the locals go. The best establishments are the small local mezcal bars and cafes. Enjoy world class cuisine and local favorites such as the “tlayudas” – It’s a large crispy tortilla filled with melted cheese and marinated meat.
  • Natural Wonders – visit natural wonders with one of the most picturesque views: petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua and Salt Pools perched atop a breathtaking cliff.
  • Historical Valley – let’s bask in the beauty of Santiago Apoala, a small, remote village, lying in a green, Shangri-la–like valley flanked by cliffs and gorgeous scenery. In traditional Mixtec belief, this valley was the birthplace of humanity, and the scenery around Apoala is appropriately spectacular, with the 60m waterfall Cascada Cola de la Serpiente, the 400m-deep Cañón Morelos and a number of caves and ancient rock carvings and paintings among the highlights.
  • Zapotec History – explore pre-Colombian ruins like Monte Alban that include astronomically aligned pyramids. These were built by the Zapotecs, a civilization that flourished in the valley of Oaxaca before the Spaniards came. The sites were believed to have been built 2 or 3 centuries before the arrival of the Spanish.
  • Agave Goodness – taste exquisite regional mezcals at the Mezcaloteca – Oaxaca’s mezcal library. Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from the heart of an agave plant native to Mexico. While tequila is also made from agave – solely blue agave to be specific – Mezcal can be made from different types of agave. Mexcal’s popularity is exploding around the world – get a chance to sample right at it’s origin!
  • Folk Art – shop ‘till you drop for superb souvenirs at Oaxaca’s mercados des artesanías or folk art markets.
  • Bicycling! – enjoy a night bike ride on tandem bikes through the city in a fiesta-inspired and music-filled evening.

So, are you ready to have have unique and authentic experiences off the beaten track and return home with a lifetime full of incredible memories?

If this sounds like the trip you have been waiting for, then read on!



What Do You Have Planned for Me?

Day 1 – Saturday, February 24th: 
  • Arrival in afternoon/evening
Day 2 – Sunday, February 25th:
  • AM – walk around the city with some free time
  • Lunch – at the market
  • PM – free time, shopping and cooking class at hotel (dinner)
  • Night Bike ride: Paseos Nocturnos
Day 3 – Monday, February 26th: 
Day 4 – Tuesday, February 27th:
Day 5 – Wednesday, February 28th and Day 6 – Thursday, March 1st
Day 7 – Friday, March 2nd
  • AM – visit to the market, cooking class at hotel (lunch)
  • PM – free time
  • PM – final dinner celebration!
Day 7 – Saturday, March 3rd
  • Departure



Oaxaca, pronounced “wah-HAH-kah”, is a small dynamic city located in southwestern Mexico. Oaxaca is artsy, ancient and dizzyingly beautiful, easy to love and hard to leave behind.

Considered the culinary capital of Mexico, Oaxaca doesn’t disappoint when it comes to shopping and food. Their regional cuisines are excitingly mouth-watering. The city is filled with inexpensive markets that locals and visitors flock into. The city itself has many elegant 5-star restaurants that serve the some of the most delicious food on the planet, and the vibrant cafe culture and colourful night life are things you can look forward on your visit.

This city is packed with magnificent colonial architecture, stunning museums and colourful handicrafts, plant-filled courtyards and shady plazas. Visitors flock to see impressive pre-Columbian ruins, baroque churches and magical festivals. From art to food to history to natural wonders, this city has it all.

Come join me on this incredible trip and see why it is one of my favourite places in the world. I know you will agree!

Teddy Solano, Mexican chef and surfer. His passion for cooking and the ocean began at the port of Veracruz where he grew up and was influenced by the culinary variety that this state offers and of course  at very young age he was learning flavours, smells, techniques and secrets from his Mom and Abuelitas (grandmas) which where known for their culinary passion and skills to perform excellent dishes.


His professional experience goes from small restaurants, delis, street food stands, culinary festivals, hotels, high-end restaurants, cooking courses and private chef. Teddy has been traveling since a young age learning the different kitchens of Mexico and Europe, surfing and finding his own blend of the culinary arts from different parts of the world.


Teddy Solano is formerly seasonally working in the Riviera Nayarit Area, Mexico doing private catering, consulting restaurants and getting involved with the culinary scene of the area. When Teddy is not cooking he is surfing!

We will be staying at the charming boutique hotel El Diablo Y La Sandia ~ Libres right in central Oaxaca.

A renovated house from the 1950’s, El Diablo’s style fits in with the historic colonial and vibrant vibe of Oaxaca. The owner and the staff of the hotel are wonderfully friendly and accommodating.  They have an outdoor kitchen that we can freely use any time and this is where our cooking classes will be held. Their rooftop terrace is a great place to dine, wine and relax on your down time.  

Every morning they will serve us a traditional Oaxacan breakfast – healthy and delicious! And if you love coffee, just wait, it’s excellent!

The rooms are clean, comfortable and beautifully decorated. The hotel maintains it’s original adobe walls as well as it’s traditional tile floors and the artsy decor is a perfect representation of Oaxaca. This is perfect for anyone looking for a down-to-earth, simple but elegant accommodation in this amazing city. And location-wise, it’s just perfect – within walking distance to almost every attraction in the city!

Hotel El Diablo Y La Sandia’s services include:

  • Wifi internet
  • Breakfast (fruit, juice, coffee or tea, artisanal bread with homemade jam and a main traditional Oaxacan dish).
  • Unlimited free phone calls to the US and all of Mexico.
  • Free and unlimited used of the kitchen
  • Laundry service
  • Touristic information and orientation on what to do and where to go 

To view El Diablo’s website, follow this link:


Mexican cuisine ranks as one of the world’s great cuisines (it was the first cuisine to receive UNESCO culinary heritage status), and this is in part because what goes on in the kitchens of Oaxaca. How to describe Oaxacan food…roasted, subtle, rich and layered. Moles, chocolate, tiny avocados that taste faintly like licorice, giant balls of quesillo cheese ribbons, grasshoppers, whopping Mexican pizzas, stunning grilled meats, corn fungus (it’s delicious, trust me!), mysterious herbs like epazote, and more types of chili peppers than you can shake a fire extinguisher at.


We are on this retreat to EAT! Every morning we will be served a traditional Oaxacan breakfast at El Diablo y la Sandia. And lunches and dinners will be an exploration of restaurants and food markets in addition to the 2 cooking classes that we will all participate in with chef Teddy Solano.

Oaxaca is sometimes called a capital of world cuisine and for good reason. The region’s abundance of fresh produce, outdoor markets and dizzying array of unique dishes basically sends any food loving visitor into a state of tamale induced bliss.

Are you ready?

Included in this Retreat

This Culinary and Cultural Adventure includes:

  • accommodation at the beautiful El Diablo y la Sandia Boca del Monte
  • daily traditional breakfast
  • 2 Oaxacan cooking classes with chef Teddy Solano including market tours
  • visit to the Monte Alban ruins
  • fine dining lunch at one of Teddy Solano’s favourite restaurants
  • day trip to explore Hierve el Agua, Tule tree and Mitla
  • Mezcal tasting at the La Mezcaloteca
  • 2 day adventure to Santiago Apoala 
  • exploring traditional & fine dining in Oaxaca
  • night bike ride around the city with Paseos Nocturnos
  • final night gourmet dinner and celebration with your fellow retreaters!

What is not included: airfare, any additional excursions, 1 lunch, 3 dinners, alcohol, transportation to/from airport to hotel.


All prices here are listed in USD. Eligible* Canadians – until December 1st I will value the Canadian dollar at par! To secure your space a $500 registration deposit is needed.


EARLY BIRD EXTENDED! Registration before 15 November 1 December 2017
  • RETREAT ~ $2,850 for Shared Accommodation, $3,150 for Private Accommodation
  • If you are also attending my Sayulita Yoga & Spirit Retreat the week before (Feb 17-24, 2018) get your flight from Puerto Vallarta to Oaxaca for FREE! A $300 value!
FULL PRICE Registration after 1 December 2018
  • RETREAT ~ $3,200 for Shared Accommodation, $3,500 for Private Accommodation
  • If you are also attending my Sayulita Yoga & Spirit Retreat the week before (Feb 17-24, 2018) get your flight from Puerto Vallarta to Oaxaca for FREE! A $300 value!

Customized payment plans are available, please contact me for details.

* Canadian residents

Cancellation & Payment Policy

It is your responsibility to read and understand my cancellation policy. No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur and I encourage you to purchase travel / cancellation insurance to cover any unfortunate eventualities. Please note that because this retreat has limited numbers, it allows for a more personable, intimate experience, my non refundable cancellation policy is in place to ensure the highest quality of service and experience for all. Exceptions cannot be made for any reason, including weather, injury/illness, or personal emergencies. No refunds for arriving late or leaving early are available. Deposits are non-refundable. Although 50% of deposit can be applied to another retreat with Carla within a calendar year. The final payment must be made 45 days before the retreat which begins 24 February. If you sign up for the retreat within 60 days of the retreat starting full payment is required as soon as possible to secure you place. Contact me for any further inquires about my policy.


Carla Wainwrights Yoga & Spirit Retreat of Self Discovery in Sayulita, Mexico

Adventure, Explore and Live!

Who Should Attend This Retreat?

From teen to centenarian, everyone is welcome to attend this retreat! We will be doing a fair amount of walking over our time together – in town and also in the ruins and the surrounding environment. We will also be doing a 2 day easy/moderate hike in the Santiago Apoala area.

I am ready to:

  • explore new and amazing places in an authentic and enlivened way
  • laugh, connect and experience like-minded people
  • live with wholehearted abandon

I want to:

  • nourish, relax, and rejuvenate my whole being
  • break and unplug from the busy-ness of life
  • connect with a new culture and expand my horizons
And most of all…I am worth it!

Carla Wainwright - what to expect doing Yoga in Sayulita Mexico

I have also put together a full brochure of my 2018 Mexico offerings (Sayulita and Oaxaca) for you to read and enjoy.

Top 5 Reasons to Not Miss This Retreat!



Being on retreat is about focusing on YOU. Taking time out from your regular life, slowing down and finding much needed restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation is so important. It helps remind us of what is most meaningful in our lives. The result? Getting inspired, hopeful, lighter and open to the possibilities in life!



The world is just such an amazing place! Taking that courageous step into a new and exciting environment can be an incredible personal growth opportunity and one of the most enriching and life affirming things you can do. Experiencing new cultures, sights, sounds, tastes and history can open your eyes to the wonders of life like never before. Enjoy the amazing differences and at the same time experience what makes us all the same.



When a group of people on a similar path get together in a beautiful place, new friendships are bound to happen! It is incredibly inspiring to surround yourself with like minded people from around the world and travel together. Coming together like this in community is sometimes the perfect mirror to remind us that, although everyone is unique, we are all connected.



When we step out of our regular lives, we can invest our time into contemplation, setting intentions for life, turning obstacles into opportunities and visioning our dreams. Experiencing the unknown is an accelerated way to grow and learn. You will have the luxury of time to do just what you want to do. Perspective changing guaranteed!



We can always come up with reasons or excuses for not doing something for ourselves. And we often find it easier to do for others without ever stopping and providing that same nurturing for ourselves! You, more than anyone else, deserves to be treated and taken care of. When we are happy, healthy and inspired, we can lead by example for others. Make this investment in YOU today, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make. 

This was a trip of a lifetime. I had never met Carla before this trip. After speaking with her I decided to take a chance on this retreat and it was spectacular!! Her knowledge and light shine through the minute you meet her. Everything was perfect and I am so grateful that I had this opportunity ❤️

Sharon Bridson