Anicca, or the impermanence of things, is a concept that is probably fairly familiar to us. “Everything changes, nothing is the same.” “Change is good.” “Change is inevitable.”

Our relationships change, our bodies change, the weather changes, the condition of our car changes, our bank account balance changes, our voice changes, the comfort of our bed changes, the length of the grass changes, the gas prices change. Everything changes.

Accepting change though, that is yet another thing. Often I find myself wishing for change to stop. Who wants to get old? Who wants to see hairs growing where they shouldn’t? Who wants their tools to suddenly stop working?

Yet resisting change is about as futile as jumping into a puddle with a flotation device.

Accepting change, on the other hand, has the effect of allowing us to gracefully react to any situation that may arise as a result of this inevitable change, this universal truth of all things. If we see clearly that time doesn’t stop ticking for anybody and everybody gets older, we no longer need to worry about our hair turning gray since it’s very natural and the universal truth of the world. If we see clearly that tools are inanimate objects with many sensitive parts on them that when treated improperly in certain conditions repeatedly will tend to break down, we will begin to see clearly the universal truth of the world.

So I’m curious, what has caused you to frown today? What have you had to face today that clearly showcases the impermanence of things?