Today, May 1st, is Beltane – an ancient Celtic Festival celebrating May Day. Beltane represents the peak of Spring and the visioning of Summer, where Gaia’s energies are at their strongest and most active.

Abundance, sexuality, and fertility are all robust themes visible around us everywhere – in nature and the physical world, and also in our energetic realities. We can palpably feel the potency of Spring nourishing the seeds of our dreams with the waters of life.

Beltane is also a time to honour life’s oldest love story ~ that between the God and the Goddess.

Beltane is a Celtic word which means ‘fires of Bel’ (Bel was a Celtic deity). Bel, who was born at the Winter Solstice, achieves the strength and maturity to court and become lover to the Goddess. Their divine union is consummated with her becoming pregnant, a representation of her abundant fertility. Today is a day to celebrate the divinity of our sexual nature and our capacity to grow that which we most desire.

During the Winter months we often feel that our desires are lost in the void and darkness of the season. But really they were simply hibernating and gestating, waiting for the conditions to become ripe for their full blossom.

Now that we are in the height of Spring, it is time to begin revelling in the energies of your blossoming visions, so you can ride these naturally present and pulsing waves of energy. This is the wisdom of harnessing life’s natural rhythms and cycles.

I’d love to share a special Beltane Yoga ritual with you for supporting your desires during the height of this season of growth. This is a most opportune time to bring forth the ideas, hopes and dreams you’ve been nurturing into action.

Beltane Ritual

This ritual is to honour the divinity of your sensual nature and your ability to take the seed of your dreams and germinate them into life.

Refresh your altar with vibrant hues and rich fabrics, spring flowers and coloured ribbons. Set alight a pair of candles in Green or Gold. Dress in something that makes you feel really fabulous and sit in meditation.

Ask your higher self, “What would it look like for the garden of my dreams to burst into life and become fully blossomed? What would the texture of my life feel like with all of my current desires being met, manifested and even exceeded?”

Be patient and listen. Upon receiving your messages, write them in your journal.

To further enhance the embodiment of this vision, you can plant some seeds in little pots to sit on your altar. Give each pot the name of a specific desire or dream, and as you water and watch them come to life, you know that your dream is being made manifest in the physical realm as well.

Finally, if you can, light a fire outside tonight and enjoy some food and wine with friends and family. Sing, dance and revel in the Spring air. Happy Beltane!

love & pranams,