Energy is quite a fascinating element to our world. The sun feeds us with it’s glorious rays of Vitamin D or a human can connect with the power to magnify our existences into the stratosphere of orgasma.

Pranayama is talked about frequently in the world of Yoga, for it is the life force (prana) that we have inside of us which we draw out (yama). In short, the energy of ourselves.

It is easy to ignore this aspect of Yoga while we focus on posture or nomenclature, for these are also important aspects of a Yogi’s toolkit. For an all aware and fully conscious life, it would do each of us good to remember how our prana flows within and without of our beings in each moment of the day.

Do you like crystals?

I believe crystals can have enormous amounts of power within them. The secrets each crystal can share with us! Can you comprehend the secrets of the galaxy?! I can’t! It overwhelms me thinking of something packed with millions of years compression energy of the earth’s gravity.

Do you have a favourite energy source like a crystal or perhaps another talisman? I’d love to see.