The Dharma Desk is a unique, portable, adjustable and completely eco-friendly & ergonomic. The ideal platform for working in a sitting position.

The Dharma Desk is the creation of husband and wife partners Marco Giroux and Carla Wainwright. Marco is a carpenter and woodworker and Carla is a yoga teacher as well as a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy.

Carla Wainwright and Marco Giroux Dharma Desk Founders and CreatorsCarla was becoming increasingly uncomfortable sitting in a chair for extended periods of time and was finding that long days at the computer were negatively effecting her posture and tightening her hips and legs. She asked Marco to design her a desk where she could sit on the floor in a comfortable and ergonomic way. And so the Dharma Desk was born!

Many of Carla’s fellow yoga teachers and students saw her desk and were intrigued, as most had also experienced the negative effects of extended sitting at a desk. As the requests began to come in, we realized that there must be many others who would also be interested in a desk that could be adjustable, portable and promote good posture and a more flexible body.

Dharma Desk LogoIt is extremely important to the both of us that the desks be produced locally and in as an environmentally friendly way possible. The desks are made in British Columbia out of FSC certified Baltic birch and are varnished with a natural linseed oil finish. The peg bags are also made locally, as are the straps and sitting props. The cloth for the peg bags is fair trade and uses all natural dyes. By purchasing a Dharma Desk, you are not only supporting our local economy but you are assured of a product that is guaranteed to be well made and reliable.

It is our hope that you get great satisfaction out of using your Dharma Desk – whether it be for work or leisure, and that over time you notice a more open, flexible and relaxed body. Your dharma is your path of righteousness, and it is our belief that when you feel good, you can do good!

 Carla Wainwright Dharma Desk while seated Jeff LutesMany of us have spent hours hunched over our computers and have suffered the effects of an aching back, tight neck, hunched shoulders and sore wrists. Poor sitting posture leads to back pain and chronic back problems. It also shortens the muscles in the fronts of the thighs and hips, which also contributes to back discomfort. In addition to back and muscle problems, poor posture while using a computer can lead to nerve damage in the wrists and joint degeneration.

The idea behind the Dharma Desk is to get people out of their chairs and onto the floor.

By sitting on the floor, we strengthen the lumbar region of the body reducing back pain and discomfort. The hips open, promoting flexibility in the pelvis, groin and legs. Core postural muscles are strengthened and the ankles also get gently stretched. Floor sitting also helps promote mental calmness, soothes frazzled nerves and is said to aid one’s creative imagination.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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p: 1.250.961.0123

Dharma Desk
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Medium Size Dharma Desk

Medium Size Dharma Desk

The medium Dharma Desk measures 36″ x 14.75″ (providing a working area of 32″ x 14.74″)  – allowing plenty of space to sit comfortably along with a good sized surface area for your computer and other working/reading material. The height of the desk can be adjusted between 7″ and 13″, and the width at knee height is approximately 34″ (this is slightly wider than the working area of the desk due to the angle of the legs).

This is our most popular size.  $225.00 USD

Large Size Dharma Desk

Large Size Dharma Desk

The large Dharma Desk measures 40″ x 18″ (providing a working area of 36″ x 18″) – giving extra space to spread out any working materials and some extra height for those who are less flexible or who have very long legs. The height of the desk can be adjusted between 8″ and 15″, and the width at knee height is approximately 39″ (this is slightly wider than the working area of the desk due to the angle of the legs). 

$260.00 USD 

Dharma Desk Tree logo

Dharma Desk Tree logo

Tree: The tree design was inspired by the tree of life – a symbol that all forms of creation are connected.

Forests have always had deep-rooted symbolic meaning in virtually every culture on earth. In Vedic philosophy, the symbolism of wood claims this element as the primal material of the universe. 

The sides of the desk display a majestic tree with an intricate root system descending into the earth.

On the top of the desk is a small detail of an oak leaf. The oak is the mightiest of trees and is a symbol of strength, endurance and courage.

Dharma Desk with Buddha side

Dharma Desk with Buddha side

Buddha: The buddha is a symbol of wisdom, compassion and enlightenment – the word comes from Sanskrit and means “awakened one”.

The meditating buddha illustrates the perfect balance of thought, rest of the senses and tranquility.

The 10 pointed lotus behind the buddha is representative of Manipura chakra – the centre of power, will and courage.

The top of the desk features a small lotus bud, which is likened to the heart of man – blossoming through greater compassion and understanding of others.

Dharma Desk with Lotus Side

Dharma Desk with Lotus Side

Lotus: The lotus design combines the beautiful lotus flower along with the stylized elements of the sun and water.

The symbol of the lotus has been influential in many cultures from ancient Egypt and India to all across Asia. Some of the meanings of the lotus flower include divine purity, enlightenment, wealth, self-regeneration and rebirth. The lotus in some ways represents the perfect analogy for the human condition – from roots embedded within the murkiest of waters, the lotus produces the most magnificent flower.

On the top of the desk is a small sun, reminding us of the light within.


How do I decide what size desk I need?

Well, this depends on a few things. The first question is whether you only want to use the desk only in bed or on the couch and not on the floor. If this is the case, then you probably want to choose the small desk. It has more than enough space for a laptop or a large book, but will not provide enough leg room to sit on the floor. It is perfect for people who want a smaller unit.

The choice between the medium and large desks comes down to a couple of main points: size of working area and height/length for legs. Those wanting a large working space, may need extra height to sit comfortably on the floor, or are very tall with long legs – you will find the large desk is your best choice. The medium desk, however, does fit most people, even those over 6 feet tall – so the majority will find that this desk will suit all their needs. Both the large and medium desks can be used in bed or on the couch as well.

Several measurements of the desks are provided on the product pages. These include the table top length and width, the length of the legs (including the range of adjustable heights) and the mid-point width of the legs when assembled (where knees would approximately rest). You can sit on the floor with any props you anticipate using and measure the distance between your knees as well as their height in relation to the floor. Comparing these measurements with the listed ones on the product pages will help you determine if you require a medium or large sized desk.

You can always give us a call as well, and we will be happy to help you choose the best fit for your body.

What if I have a hard time sitting on the floor for extended periods of time?

One of the purposes of the Dharma Desk is to encourage tight hips and lower backs to release and open. This will be made easier if you sit on a prop of some kind to allow the knees to release down towards the floor. Suitable props include zafus, foam blocks, blankets and cushions. (Please watch the Ergonomics video to learn more about how to position your props). Spending short periods of time on the floor and taking sufficient breaks to stand up and stretch will allow you to build the amount of time you can spend sitting on the floor fairly quickly. And of course, you can also use your desk on a couch if you just need a break from the floor and want to sit in a more supported way.

Why is the desk made of plywood instead of solid wood?

Although we experimented with making the desk out of solid wood, the adjustability of the desk means that any warping or movement of the wood would make the desk unusable. Solid wood changes its shape over time due to factors like heat, humidity, dryness, storage conditions, etc – which can be fine if the piece of furniture is permanently fixed together. For this reason we had to look for another medium for the desks. Birch plywood has excellent strength, hardness as well as damage and wear resistance – meaning that it is extremely stable and will not warp over time. This ensures the integrity of your Dharma Desk for many, many years.

In addition, Baltic birch plywood has been chosen for the desk – this is an extremely high quality, furniture/finishing grade product, which shows off the grain of the wood beautifully. Every layer in this product is solid birch – meaning that you get the durability of a hardwood and the stability of a plywood.  Plywood is being used more and more by furniture designers and has become a very modern and fashionable building material.


Why are there some circles in the wood?

These are called wooden plugs or ‘boats’. These are inserted to replace any small knots found in the wood while at the same time ensuring an evenness of the product between the plywood layers.

What does the term FSC mean?

The term FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. Wood is a renewable and recyclable product and when wood products carry the FSC logo, you know it is a responsible product as well. When a wood product has an FSC logo, that is your guarantee that it comes from healthy forests and strong communities. FSC is an international certification system for forests and forest products supported by WWF Canada, Greenpeace, and the David Suzuki Foundation. For more information about the FSC stamp of integrity, visit the FSC Canada website.