Our throat chakra, or Vishuddha, is the vibration of our communication – our self expression as an individual. From here you listen and share, from here you are heard and hear.

Communication can be accomplished with many non-verbal signs, so don’t get too hung up on strictly singing like the birds of talking for hours and hours. Non verbal queues go a long way, with hand languages, body language, even eye contact is a great way to communicate with another.

However, being understood is a sign that your vishuddha is balanced. Expressing your ideas and seeing them flow out is another sign of a balanced throat chakra.

Honesty, openness, and faithfulness are also ways to strengthen your vishuddha, and those who experience this will naturally follow suit which may just help them strengthen their vishuddha!

Signs of a weakened vishuddha are a literal tingle in your throat, addiction, lack of will power, dishonesty, criticism, worry, or lack of authority.

So, speak up! Be heard! Follow the cosmos of your vision and message.