Spring is the fresh season, the season for cleaning. Renewal. Rejuvenation. Growth. Perhaps there is something to setting intentions in the new year, and letting them sit for a few months before they solidify and Spring makes her appearance and sprouts those seeds into flowers.

Intentions are an important aspect of the Spring season that can act as guiding beacons for our tuned lives. They help us when we’re in times of need, when we’re maybe a little bit lost throughout the coming months ahead. Even just the practice of thinking deeply about the intention we’re setting goes a long way towards shifting our consciousness to align with our intentions. We call this awareness.

Ceremony is a great way to powerfully set these intentions. Many faiths of the world really capitalize on the deep power of ceremony with events like church on Sunday, harvest festival, and Spring equinox! But little ceremonies are also very powerful for us in our personal practices. For example, burning a little incense as we sit and meditate upon our intentions perhaps once a day for 10 minutes. Or going for our walk to enjoy this earth with deep breaths. Stepping on to the mat can also have significant ceremonial weight that balances our body and tunes our mind.

Do you have a ceremonial approach to Spring?