Relationships are hard, not easy. They take work, time, strength, commitment, love, and so much more. In fact, relationships can quite possibly be the hardest thing you could ever attempt.

Today I’d like to discuss how yoga can help on this journey of partnership.

Listening. As you’re going about your flow, you learn to listen to your body, you learn to listen to the cessations of your mind. You listen to yourself, and calm the externalities that matter little to your relationship with this world. Try next time your partner engages you in conversation to sit down and really deeply listen to them – and yes, this means no phone around.

Focus. Through the process of yoga, you’ll find yourself deeply focusing on some of the more important things in life. What are they? Only you can know that for yourself – and yes, you must find the answers yourself. Increasing the power of your focus will help you be considerate and mindful in every action of your life, especially towards your partner.

Strength. Your mat will show you strengths beyond your greatest imagination. Yoga teaches you that only after weeks, months of practice you grow STRONG. This involves conversations with yourself, pep-talks, that build inner strength to do the hard things relationships require of you. A strong belief in the long term benefits of the work.

Meditation. Moods are contagious. If you show up calm, clear, and full of only love and positivity, I can guarantee that will flow into your partner. Ever tried eye-gazing with your partner? *magic.

Open. The vulnerability of yoga is overwhelming sometimes. Frequently hip opening poses cause tears. Returning again and again to this open space will give you the confidence to return again and again to opening yourself up to your loved ones. Positive relationships require this opening, this softness, this vulnerability, and you’ll need strength to remain open when the natural instinct is to retreat. Don’t retreat.

For me, all of these benefits flow so effortlessly into one another that it’s impossible for me to ignore. A vibrant life and relationship must be full of yoga.