As autumn pushes into our lives, it’s easy to start internalizing a lot of our emotions. Preparation for winter, our warm sweaters and blankets come out of their hiding places, we maybe light the fire for the first time, and find ourselves sitting with a hot cup of tea in our hands just thinking. Internalizing our emotions isn’t a healthy practice in the long run because those emotions really do need an outlet or they will start to manifest in all sorts of traumatic experiences.

Yoga helps in the process of releasing our emotions. Hip openers for women are notorious for this. I wonder if you are nodding your head in agreement here, having experienced wild emotions when you’re doing a hip opener asana?

Lord of the Dance – or Natarajasana – is a way to release those emotions. Can you just feel @katyclare reaching for her true Shiva inside?

A neat fact, Nataraja is also known as Shiva, who represents the cosmic energy of the world. Go on, let your cosmic brilliance shine!