Today’s chakra is the third chakra up called Manipura or the Solar Plexus. It’s located just above your belly button and is known to hold the core of our personality. That is, it’s what holds our identity, our ego.

Your personality, being the center of who you are and how you act, accordingly is the center of your confidence, your maturity, and willpower.

It’s natural then, that signs of your Manipura being unbalanced are outbursts of emotion, stress, insecurity, passive. Have any ideas on how to rectify this deficiency?

Choose! Choose love, choose healing, choose freedom. Make the choice you’ve been deliberating about and move forward with confidence!

Anything that boosts your self esteem, will help balance your Manipura and allow you to blossom beautifully. Other things like educating yourself, completing accomplishments you feel proud about deep inside, and allowing yourself the space to indeed feel proud about what you’ve done! Go on, flex that solar plexus, be proud for a moment 🙂

So tell me now, what actions are you going to stop doing to enable your Manipura to become well balanced?

I’m going to spend a few moments before I get out of bed every morning to acknowledge why I am worth the stars.