Your sacral chakra is located just below your navel and in, about an inch or two. This is your pleasure center, the origin of enjoyment, feeling, and emotion. Sensuality emanates from here, intimacy bonds to here, connection grows from here.

It is no surprise then that confidence exists in the strength of your sacral chakra, which allows you to feel but move through it, to let go yet still experience what has happened.

Unfortunately, much of society today has severely stunted the freedom of the sacral chakra. We are taught to not feel certain things, to let go without processing, to only be confident if we are a certain way. Well, perhaps in the process of strengthening your sacral, you’ll also strengthen your will to let go of these horrible hangups too!

So, how do we go about strengthening our sacral chakra? Well, feel the pleasure! Enjoy the pleasure! Explore pleasure fully and unrestricted. Bond intimately and more often! Connect deeply, and be fully present. Sacral chakra can also be strengthened through creativity too, so a poem, a song, a drawing or painting will all work at strengthening that personal confidence that’s required for being fully present with our sacral. These are all very positive practices for the sacral chakra. Sounds not too bad of a practice, doesn’t it?

But, it is important to remember that chakras aren’t to be singled out and strengthened uniquely, all chakras must remain in balance with each other. It cannot all be pleasure without remembering to ground ourselves in the reality of now.