The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere fast approaches, the Summer Solstice. The word solstice comes from two Latin words meaning ‘sun’ and ‘stoppage’ – this will be the day that the sun stops moving North and reaches its highest point of the year. Cultures all over the world, throughout history, have celebrated this day. The Solstice represents a time of newness, nourishment and sustenance and a time of rebirth and healing. We have the opportunity to to turn our attention inward, creating balance between the dark and light within, as well as with the forces in the world around us.

The Solstice is a time in which we can allow spiritual energies to reach human hearts and minds. When we attune into meditation, practice or ceremony during the Solstice, a conscious and deliberate process is magnified – a reorientation of the heart and mind towards sources of spiritual energy. This reorientation allows the conscious direction of the energies and impressions out into the world raising the vibration of the planet and humanity. Powerful stuff!

If you are looking to celebrate this special day, here are a few suggestions:

  • Prepare a home altar with colours of the sun – brilliant golds, red and oranges. Use candles, flowers, food and anything that brings thoughts of brightness and radiance into your being.
  • In a journal or in meditation, reflect upon your journey over the last 6 months. What has transpired for you in the first half of the journey around the sun?
  • Place a jar or bowl of water out in the sun to be energized with the Solstice sun. Drink in the later day to receive the vitality of the sun.
  • Write a list of your intentions for the next 6 months. Bury these intentions in your garden to grow with you over this next cycle of light.

Or maybe you would like to join me for my annual Solstice Celebration – Om Appétit this coming Tuesday, June 21st from 6-9 pm. An evening of yoga, ceremony, intentions, music, food and community! More details can be found here.