refreshed ~ rejuvenated ~ inspired

Most who attend my retreats leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired to take their practice further than they thought they could. This got me thinking…

Why does this experience only have to happen during the retreat?

I am now offering personalized wellness coaching for you to take advantage of before, during, and after the retreat. Even if you can’t come to the retreat, I can customize a health and wellness coaching experience that will be perfect for you too!

These are available locally in Prince George, B.C., or online, so that no matter where you are, we can spend this time together to achieve your ultimate wellness.

There are two types of wellness coaching packages available. The first is a Deep Focus Package – aimed to intensely focus and enliven your spirit, leaving you with an action plan. The second builds on this first one, and is separated into three full Mind, Body, Soul packages that include private coaching.

Balance with a Deep Focus Wellness Coaching

Mind, Body and Soul Packages with Private Coaching

The following Mind, Body, and Soul packages are designed to help you explore your practice on a deeper level, nurturing every part of you: mind, body and soul!

Sometimes, we all just need a little encouragement to help ourselves travel smoothly along the bumpy road of life. Let me help you fulfill your desire to heal, no matter what from. These packages will keep you motivated to meet your goals, while keeping in mind your personal needs. After our time together, you will feel lighter, refreshed, and at peace with yourself.

All Plans include:

  • A Warm Welcome Kit, including my e-book Healthy Body, Happy Mind & Free Spirit
  • Detailed Questionnaire
  • One-one Goal Setting Consultation during the retreat, in person or on Skype (1 hr)
  • Personalized Practice Plan within 2 weeks with advice on yoga, breath work, qi gong practices, nutrition, supplements and other lifestyle choices.
  • Unlimited email support

These packages take your journey one step further by helping you heal, transform, and awaken to your true self. Together we will make your hidden desires a reality. We will awaken into the life you desire to live.

It is one thing to heal from past experiences and awaken to your hidden desires, but it is another thing to transform into this new being. Having a guide or coach along this journey helps you complete your journey. You will walk away from this feeling ready to take on the world in a whole different perspective.