For a long time now I have been pondering how to describe what I do. Yes, I am a yoga teacher – but my passions and offerings feel like so much more than those words. It does not encapsulate the vastness of who I am.

So in a recent stream of consciousness I came up with this:

I am a Shakti Lioness. Believer in the breath. Lover of dance, music and movement. Embodied yoga facilitator. Mother to 3 divine souls. Health and holistic nut. Explorer of stillness and expansion. Tantrika disciple. World adventurer. Artist and visionary. Seeker of truth and authenticity. Warrior for inclusivity. Dedicated healer of the collective. Devoted partner to my beloved. Priestess and pathfinder of the sacred feminine. Believer in humanity.

Each of these things are essential parts of who I am. Of how I fulfill my dharma in the world. They are all vital and interconnected parts of the whole.

But how do you make that work as a tag line, or as a business name, or a profile URL on Facebook?

And then it came to me. Creatrix. When I first heard this word many months ago I had an immediate experience in my body – a rush of energy, the spark of excitement, a deep resonance within my bones. At the time I though “this word is incredible, I’ll keep it in my back pocket for when the time is right”. And that time is now.

A Creatrix is defined in the dictionary as a female who produces, creates and brings forth. It is a word that has been used since at least the 1600’s. If I go deeper into the feeling of a Creatrix, I see a find a woman who is deeply connected to her feminine source, her generative power, her capacity to create – desires, ideas and life of all kinds. She connects to both her shadow and her light. She helps midwife the awakening, embodiment and transformation of all beings.

For me, Creatrix expresses the fullness of who I am and what to do. I am She that creates – in manifest forms. A word that feels at once enchanting, mystical, powerful, slightly mischievous and with a tiny whisper of darkness. Perfect.

love & pranams,