Are you someone who is…

  • Longing to travel and immerse yourself in history, culture and beauty? 

  • Yearning for friends and community to help you cultivate greater depth and presence?

  • Desiring to feel more love, trust, and openness in all areas of your life?

  • Craving clarity about your feelings and desires?

  • Hungering for ways to explore what inspires you and truthfully express who you are in the world?

  • Ready to deepen your connections and expand your consciousness?
  • Ready to say YES to life?

Then it sounds like a retreat is what you are looking for! The word retreat comes from the Latin verb “to pull back.” Taking the time for yourself to pull back and get clear on what matters most is one of the many wonderful benefits of going on retreat. You also get days full of laughter, expansive breaths, deep connections and zero obligations. Sound good? Read on!


I have been leading international retreats for more than 10 years. While every retreat is a unique experience, the following are some of the things you can expect to experience on an adventure with me.


We practice yoga and breath work almost every day. After 20+ years of practice and teaching, I have developed aCarla Wainwright - Sayulita - Ganesha 4-step process to uncover the layers of being as a means to merge deeper within. Let me explain this process.

The first step is to “Connect into the Body & Breath.” I help people be in their bodies, to REALLY be in their bodies. This includes focused work on breathing and being breathed. Together we find love and respect of the physical form through an appreciation of alignment and the power of the breath.

The second step is to “Release the Issues in the Tissues.” In our practices we broaden our awareness around movement of emotions through the body. We open areas that store blocked emotions and release related mental limitations leading to the issues in the tissues.

The third step is to “Recognize the Power of the Mind.” Working with our mind can be one of the greatest challenges on this journey ~ the thinking mind can hinder ever step while the intuitive mind can set us free. I will help students use their power to banish perceived smallness. I will challenge myself and others to recognize growth in moments of uncertainty and discomfort. Together we will ‘Think less and listen more’.

Finally, the last step is to “Live a Sensual and Awakened Life.” We all yearn to blossom into our truest self. As we cultivate the practices, we become more familiar with what it feels like to liberate and embrace Shakti, our divine indwelling power. A life of freedom awaits!

By working with this model, I can help you to begin to feel more, which will begin with just truly inhabiting the body and listening. I provide a safe environment to dive deeper into your experiences. And I speak from a place of relating to your journey since I have been there myself.

Carla Wainwright Gourmet Meals at a RetreatGOURMET MEALS

Typically, retreats are located at exclusive venues, which means exclusive cooking! Your bellies will be full of laughter and food.


In addition to my yoga and breath work background, I am also a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine. I offer each of my retreat guests a private homeopathic consultation to help support bodies and/or minds through the retreat transformation process. Any remedies needed are provided.


Being on retreat also means needing time to do whatever you wan. Location depending, this could include snorkelling, whale watching, hiking in the mountains, beach lounging, or following your intrigue. Rest assured, I’ll have a list of activities I recommend for you when you arrive.


Not only yoga classes! Depending on the location, there will be a variety of local experts available to deliver a private class just for you (and friends). Explore the local cuisine through the eyes of a master chef, or tour the vineyard villas of Italy!Carla Wainwright retreat heavenly massage


If there are local experts in the area, I will often invite them to guest teach a session at the retreat. This has ranged from a Gong Bath experience to a customized Crystal Bowl iRest Yoga Nidra.


Massage therapy has a long history in cultures around the world. Today, people use many different types of massage therapy for a variety of health-related purposes. People use massage for a variety of health-related purposes, including to relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety and depression, and aid general wellness. Most of my retreats include a delicious massage for you to enjoy.


On our last day we will commemorate the joy filled experience you shared with your fellow yogis with a celebration dinner and party!


Get comfortable, close your eyes and imagine waking up slowly, comfortable and carefree, the sun shining happily into your cozy and authentic digs. You put your favourite yoga pants on and step out into a paradise-like setting, with nature and wildlife surrounding you and a light breeze coming off the ocean, only minutes from your doorstep.


You then walk a short distance to an energizing yoga class that focuses on pranayama (breath work), flowing standing sequences, and core strengthening. Afterwards, feeling rejuvenated and strong, you sit down with your new found friends (or old friends in some cases) to enjoy a healthy, colourful and gourmet brunch.


As the day continues, the hardest decision you will have to make is whether you want to relax at the beach or pool, go surfing, snorkelling, sea kayaking, whale watching, explore the surrounding jungle, enjoy a fabulous massage or take a siesta.


Later on, after some fun in the surf and sun, you will slip back into those yoga pants for another relaxing class that focuses on lunar Yin, forward bending, restorative postures, and guided meditation. Once we are finished, you will look forward to a night out in the gorgeous town, where you will meet the lovely locals, eat incredibly delicious food, and make many memories.

After the sun goes down and you back in your warm bed reflecting on your day, you drift off to sleep effortlessly, knowing that tomorrow brings you nothing but peace and tranquility.


Carla Wainwright Yoga Retreat typical attendees


All levels of Yogis are welcome! Everyone moves at their own pace and I will ensure everybody is accommodated. There are no expectations during a yoga retreat; do as much or as little as you want. Certain retreats are just for women, others are open to both men and women.


However, I highly recommend you come with the following mantras for our time together:

Carla Wainwright Yoga Healing Transforming AwakeningI AM READY TO

  • learn and take my yoga practice to the next level
  • laugh, connect and experience like-minded people
  • live with wholehearted abandon


  • nourish, relax, and rejuvenate my whole being
  • bask in the sun, surf, sand and food
  • break and unplug from the busyness of life


With this in mind, you will thoroughly enjoy your retreat.