Doing yoga at home can have many benefits. The first being, of course, that it costs a lot less. Another is that you can lead yourself through your own yoga practice if you have one you know and love.

However, it can be a bit dangerous for those yogis that haven’t already developed a strong foundation. Part of going to a yoga class is that yoga instructors are there looking out for you, correcting your posture and offering suggestions. Improper posture practiced over a long term can harm a body. Be careful!

Following a class along online can be very enjoyable for those looking for inspiration, but it can also lead to attempting to find very complex asanas. Without the necessary experience getting into or out of these asanas, this can lead to injury. So be careful out there! Remember to work into poses you can’t quite find by starting with alternative poses or supporting ones. Skilled teachers will be able to see their students struggling with asanas and give those suggestions.

Most of all, both in the studio and in your home practice, have fun! Good yoga instructors can offer some fun energy that you just can’t pull into your home practice, their classes usually fill up. However, this can just as easily be part of your own yoga practice. See what type of energy you can manifest.