MAY 12th to 19th, 2018 ~ Enchanted Yoga Retreat

MAY 19th to 24th, 2018 ~ Epic Tour & Adventuring


Are you ready to tap into your Divine Feminine essence and experience healing, expansion and cultivation of your life force?

Do you want to be more authentic, transparent and real?

Are you called towards deeper worthiness, connection and compassion as you embrace the truth of who you are?


Then join Carla and an amazing group of women  for a 7 day EMBRACING SHAKTI RETREAT MAY 12th-19th and an optional EPIC TOURING ADVENTURE from May 19th-24th, 2018 in stunning Haida Gwaii, British Columbia!

Join me in incomparable Haida Gwaii in the Spring of 2018 for a week-long retreat dedicated to nurturing and expressing the divine feminine within YOU!

Together we will gather in sacred community to learn how to nourish, express, heal and cultivate our innate feminine radiance into our daily lives. As a sisterhood we will slow down. go deep within and connect to essence. We will use breath, movement and awareness to cultivate deep presence and empower ourselves to live wildly with a fully open heart.

You are invited to generate the connection you desire with yourself, others and this incredible world we live in by stepping into your power by being present and generating wonder. You will enjoy a constellation of experiences to enjoy, celebrate and vision. I invite you to experience fierce love, fierce presence, understanding, evolution and opening into infinite possibility.

And for those of you wanting to continue your Island adventure, join me for a customized 5 day adventure and exploration including Hiking, Kayaking, Cultural Expeditions and more!


Long to get away from daily routines and responsibilities by stepping into a stunning natural paradise filled with old growth forests, abundant wildlife and a rich and vibrant indigenous culture

Thirst for luxurious practice time for yoga, meditation and breath work

Are curious about sacred feminine rituals and the Tantric Priestess Arts to access the juicy, vivacious and creative woman inside

Yearn for friends committed to cultivating greater depth and presence

Desire to feel more love, trust and openness in the midst of a busy life or change

Crave clarity about your feelings, desires and life path

Hunger for ways to truthfully express who you are in the world

Feel ready to step up into the next level of commitment into your amazing life!


Let me support you every step of the way on this powerful and transformative journey!


What to Expect At This Retreat


YOGA: When people ask what style of yoga I teach, I often say ‘Carla Yoga!’ This is because I integrate the many styles and learnings I have accumulated over the years into my own, personal offering to you. We will explore many different styles – vinyasa (flow), hatha and Yin postures during the retreat depending on the theme, time of day and what serves the participants best in the moment.

TANTRIC FEMININE ARTS: Have you ever wanted to enter a deep journey into the mysteries of your own sexual energy? Together we will uncover the mysteries of our feminine sexual essence through subtle movement, tantric meditation, sexual Qi Gong and visualization. Our work will happen in a safe and sacred way that supports your own honoured inner body.

MEDITATION & BREATH WORK: Daily meditation practice helps to cultivate mindfulness and creates the space within to receive other practices at deeper and deeper levels. We will also explore Breath of Bliss, which is a breath work practice that connects you to your heart and helps you to align with your truth. My hope is that you will fall in love with these practices and make them a part of your daily life.

SACRED FEMININE RITUALS: Sacred ceremony is an essential gathering of community to support each woman to be a whole, healthy and fully embodied version of herself. The gift of ritual allows us to connect with our feminine nature, the Earth in her abundance and into the many gifts that the group shares together.



A Typical Day At This Yoga Retreat


Close your eyes and imagine yourself glowing and trouble free, laughing and enjoying stories with new friends, playing in the mystical old growth forests and beaches of Haida Gwaii. You’ve already enjoyed a Shakti Embodiment and  yoga class earlier in the day along with a delightful home cooked brunch at Haida House and you are feeling relaxed and radiant.

The mid day stretches out before you to enjoy as you choose between reading a book in a lounger, beach combing for treasures, shopping in the village, exploring a rainforest or just taking a walk on the beautiful grounds at Haida House.

Later in the day there will be another yoga or breath work class to enjoy. Once the stars are out, you will join your retreat sisters again for another exquisitely prepared meal by Chef Mickael Diabaye with abundant stories and laughter.

As you drift off to sleep listening to the sounds of water and nature, you feel completely connected to Mother Earth and full of ease and peace in both body and mind. Your cup, now full, is brimming with possibility.

Our schedule will usually look like this:

  • 7:30-9:30 am Shakti Embodiment Practices and Workshop
  • 9:30 am Brunch
  • 10 am – 4 pm Free time or Organized Hike/Beach combing (optional)
  • 4-5:30 pm Breath Work, Yin and Inquiry Practices
  • 5:30 pm Dinner
  • 8:30 pm Evening Experience/Meditation
Named by National Geographic as one of the top 20 places to see in the world, Haida Gwaii, known as the Canadian Galápagos, forms a archipelago of some 450 islands lying 80km west of the BC coast, and offers a magical trip for all those who make the journey. Haida Gwaii enjoys a maritime climate, which enables rich stands of spruce, hemlock and cedar to flourish. Nutrient-rich waters teeming with intertidal life wash the Island shores.

Similar to many of the landscapes found on mainland British Columbia, the Islands include alpine mountains, sub-alpine plateaus, forest plains and muskeg bogs. While the Islands share many similar landscapes with the rest of the Province, the Islands are home to about 40 unique species or sub-species of plants and animals.

The rugged shorelines, stands of huge trees and kilometer upon kilometer of vast, sandy, unpopulated beaches offer the visitor a relaxed atmosphere where one can easily find solitude in natural surroundings.

The history of the first people’s of Haida Gwaii, the Haida, goes back to the stories of the great floods, the first tree and back to the ice age with legends of ice woman swooping down from above.

There is some debate about how people arrived on the Islands but what is certain is that possibly as far back as 13,000 years ago a group of people inhabited these Islands and developed a culture made rich by the abundance of the land and sea. These people became the Haida, a linguistically distinct group with a complex class and rank system consisting of two main clans; Eagles and Ravens.

Links and diversity within the Haida Nation was gained through a cross lineal marriage system between the clans. This system was also important for the transfer of wealth within the Nation, with each clan reliant on the other for the building of longhouses, the carving of totem poles and other items of cultural importance.

Noted seafarers, the Haida occupied more than 100 villages throughout the Islands and were skilled traders, with established trade links with their neighbouring First Nations on the mainland and farther a field. The Haida had a stable existence and vibrant culture at the time of European contact.

(source: http://www.gohaidagwaii.ca/)

Haida House at Tllaal is nestled on the banks of the serene Tlell River and surrounded by forest and open sky. Proudly 100% Haida owned, this cultural lodge focus on preserving the past with integrity and respectfully sharing our knowledge with future generations. The employees at both Haida House at Tllaal and Ocean House at Stads K’uns GawGa are considered a reflection of our island home and all cultural excursions are led by Haida Interpreters.


  • 50 acres of river and ocean frontage, fruit orchard and forest trails
  • Full-service gourmet restaurant, licensed lounge and river view patio
  • 10 comfortable guest rooms with private facilities
  • Relaxing den with complimentary WiFi, board games, books and DVDs
  • Conference Room for meetings, gatherings, and retreat
  • Carving house, greenhouses and gardens
  • Gift shop with a focus on local art and products
  • Resident Cultural Ambassador


As a result of their commitment to environmental responsibility and their respectful balance with nature, you’ll discover the untouched beauty of this incredible land. Their hope is that from your unique experience you will leave as an ambassador of this northern archipelago with a deep appreciation for culture, tradition and environment.

During the retreat, we will be enjoying a daily brunch, snacks and gourmet dinners at Haida House. Haida House at Tllaal received the “Where to Eat in Canada” title for a fifth consecutive year in June 2017.


Under the direction of Chef Mickael Diabaye, the culinary team enjoys the challenge of cooking in such a remote area of the world, where there are no big box stores or large food suppliers around the corner. He likes to support the local farmers of the Tlell region for garden-fresh produce delivered straight to the door, as well as a fresh variety of seafood from Haida Wild Seafood products (a Haida House sister company).  One can also see the staff harvesting delicacies from the lodge’s front yard where there is an abundance of Sea Asparagus, Sour Grass, Wild Mint and Spruce Tips.


For those of you continuing on for the 5 day adventure, we will be eating both at Haida House, at some of the wonderful restaurants in the area and also enjoying traditional cookouts with local delicacies.
This incredible first week includes:
  • Blissful classes led in the stunning Haida House
  • Comfortable accommodation in beautifully and uniquely furnished rooms at Haida House
  • Daily Brunch, snacks and three course gourmet dinner every day at the Tlaall Dining Room
  • Session with a Haida Cultural Ambassador just for our group
  • A private Homeopathic consultation with Carla
  • A part day’s excursion to visit the Haida Gwaii Museum and totem poles
  • Aromatouch session with Laurie Gross
  • Celebration dinner & party to commemorate the joy filled experience you shared with your sisters.
  • Food Gratuity

During our free time in the afternoon Laurie will lead anyone interested on local hikes from Haida House. Depending on weather and tides there are several options we can explore together. Each of the hiking trails offer a variety of terrain, and experiences of the Haida Gwaii environment.

A favourite of visitors and locals alike is the Pesuta Shipwreck Trail. This accessible 10 km trail combines coastline forest, river bed and ocean beaches which leads you to the remnants of the Pesuta, a 264 log barge which was beached during a winter storm in 1928.  Another popular trail is the 5km Anvil Trail hike through a rich floodplain and bits of old growth forest. The Beach Loop is a leisurely trail from wetland-dunes and transitioning to the expansive East Beach and returning along the Tlell river. Of course beach-combing and agate hunting are options that are always available and just steps away from your accommodation.

And the amazing second week includes:
  • All of the excursions listed in the description: Gong Bath, North End Exploration, Haida Style Expedition, South End Exploration, Kitgoro Kayaking and more!
  • Daily Breakfast and Dinners
  • Lunch at Jags Restaurant
  • Final night Cookout Party with local delicacies


Retreat tuition does not include the following:
  • Travel to Haida Gwaii & Haida House
  • Additional meals offsite
  • Alcohol
  • Travel and personal insurance
  • Gratuity off site of Haida House
  • Personal tours and any related expenses



Let the adventure continue for another 6 days as we enjoy the amazing natural landscape and culture of these sacred islands. Here are the delights I have planned for YOU!

Day 1 ~ This will be the transition day from the retreat to the adventure. 

Enjoy time exploring outdoors and then end the day with a Gong Bath class led by Laurie Gross at Haida House. This class will offer supported postures and the slower pace of a restorative yoga class to create a deeper experience of the body and calm the nervous system. Experience a sense of connectedness and peace as the sacred sound of the gong clears blockages and restores the free flow of vital energy throughout the body.


Day 2 ~ North End Exploration: Surfing/Paddleboarding at Agate Beach, Tow Hill Hike and Old Masset

The northern end of Graham Island is home to the Haida community of Old Masset and former military base of Masset. Tour the Old Masset’s totem poles and local artisan shops. North of Masset and Old Masset are the expansive beaches of North Beach. We will enjoy the spectacular northern surf in wet suits while surfing or paddleboarding, hike Tow Hill to partake in breath taking views, visit the newly erected totem pole at Hiellen, the tallest on island. To end our day of exploration we will venture to the community of Masset for a cup of freshly roasted coffee and experience the local dining at Charters known for its exquisite menu.


Day 3 ~ Haida Style Expedition tour

Experience the rich Haida culture with a unique tour to an ancient Haida site. Haida Style Expeditions is a Haida owned and operated cultural expeditions company on Haida Gwaii offering real local indigenous experiences.This special day long tour will be created especially for our group. We will walk through ancient villages, learn about Haida lineages and lifestyles and enjoy a zodiac boat ride that traverses the gorgeous shorelines of Haida Gwaii. Along the way, our guides will incorporate storytelling, songs and local history, giving guest a glimpse into their heritage and how they protect their land and waters. The tour also includes a traditional Haida feast. Sure to be a special and unique experience you will remember forever!

Day 4 ~ South End Exploration: Artists Tour, Spirit Lake Trail and Jags for Lunch

Southern Graham Island is home to the Haida community of Skidegate as well as the community of Queen Charlotte. There are many local artist workshops and gift shops to explore and find local treasures that the Haida are world renowned for. After some retail therapy we will enjoy a delicious meal at a favourite local coffeeshop and finish the day with a hike around Spirit Lake.

Day 5 ~ Kitgoro Kayaking and Beach Seafood Cookout Party

Our final day will be hosted by Green Coast Kayaking and paddling the Inlet near Queen Charlotte. Enjoying a full day of kayaking and connecting to the ocean and unique archipelago, feel the magic of these islands from the water. After a day on the water we will enjoy a local seafood feast at the home of Laurie and Clayton. Laurie and Clayton live on a small island in the inlet. If the weather provides will sit around a beach fire, enjoy fresh caught and cooked seafood! The perfect ending to an incredible adventure week in the magical islands of Haida Gwaii.

Day 6 ~ Checkout and Departure

Download the 2018 Tour Brochure HERE.


All prices here are listed in US Dollars. Canadian residents pay with CAD at par. GST (Goods and Services Tax) of 5% will be added to the prices below. Visit www.xe.com for your local currency.


EARY BIRD Registration before the New Moon on 15 February 2018


  • YOGA RETREAT ~ $2,975 for Shared Accommodation, $3,395 for Private Accommodation
  • TOUR & ADVENTURE ~ $2,675 for Shared Accommodation, $2,975 for Private Accommodation
  • BOTH ~ $5,650 for Shared Accommodation, $6,370 for Private Accommodation
FULL PRICE Registration after the New Moon 15 February 2018


  • YOGA RETREAT ~ $3,425 for Shared Accommodation, $3,845 for Private Accommodation
  • TOUR & ADVENTURE ~ $3,070 for Shared Accommodation, $3,370 for Private Accommodation
  • BOTH ~ $6,495 for Shared Accommodation, $7,215 for Private Accommodation

Customized payment plans are available, please contact me for details.


Cancellation & Payment Policy

It is your responsibility to read and understand my cancellation policy. No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur and I encourage you to purchase travel / cancellation insurance to cover any unfortunate eventualities. Please note that because this retreat has limited numbers, it allows for a more personable, intimate experience, my non refundable cancellation policy is in place to ensure the highest quality of service and experience for all. Exceptions cannot be made for any reason, including weather, injury/illness, or personal emergencies. No refunds for arriving late or leaving early are available. Deposits are non-refundable. Although 50% of deposit can be applied to another retreat with Carla within a calendar year. The final payment must be made 45 days before the retreat which begins 19 May. If you sign up for the retreat within 60 days of the retreat starting full payment is required as soon as possible to secure you place. Contact me for any further inquires about my policy.



I invite you to be the woman you desire deep within your heart. The one who takes the step forward towards become a more fully conscious being. A woman who embraces and yearns for these qualities:

  • openness
  • depth
  • honesty
  • presence
  • emotion
  • connection
  • authenticity
  • vulnerability
  • imperfection

The foundations of our gathering will include:

  • BEING PRESENT. I am here in the now.
  • GENERATING WONDER. By cultivating curiosity, I increase connection.
  • SELF-NURTURING. I care for myself so I feel connected with essence.
  • VULNERABILITY. I take the risk in the face of uncertainty to expose my emotions and truly be seen.
  • TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY. I claim my power by asking how I personally create my experiences.
  • LIVING IN YOUR GENIUS ZONE. I get curious about how I can live in my genius so I can share my gifts with the world.

Each woman who signs up will be asked to consider and abide by a Community Agreement. This agreement supports each and every one of us so that we can step fully into authenticity, depth and presence. Please contact me for more details.

Heal, Transform and Awaken.

Who Should Attend This Yoga Retreat?


This retreat and adventure is designed to be an opportunity to step into your own power as a woman and find true depth, authenticity and presence in every moment. You will be asked to fully embrace who you are, to grow and to step into your full potential as a leader. You will be supported by a group of incredible and inspiriting women and together you will co-create an unforgettable experience. You will also have the gift of time to nurture yourself on a personal level and be able to explore these healing practices in your own way.

There is no prior experience or level that needs to be met in order to attend this retreat. Everyone will move at their own pace and I will provide different variations in order to accommodate every body. Every woman is welcome to attend if she is ready to show up and be real! Please read more in the Prepare tab above.

Ask yourself, what is the greatest possible outcome from joining this gathering?

I am searching to:

  • find new meaning in my life as I get older
  • begin to recognize my indwelling power
  • embrace my sexuality in a confident, whole hearted way
  • find consciousness and discover the true self within
  • live with wholehearted abandon

I want to:

  • get our of roles that no longer serve me
  • discover what I want, I am no longer happy with the status quo
  • nourish and support myself
I am worth it!

Top 5 Reasons to Not Miss This Retreat!



Being on retreat is about focusing on you. Practicing your yoga, eating healthy foods, slowing down and finding much needed restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation is so important. It helps remind us of what is most meaningful in our lives. The result? Getting inspired, hopeful, lighter and open to the possibilities in life!



Our lives are incredibly busy and finding the time to practice yoga, or anything else, can be challenging. A committed week could be just what you need to rededicate yourself into practice and deepen your experience in breath work, asana, meditation and philosophy. Practicing every day you will notice the changes not only in your physical body, but in your mental state as well. Coming home afterwards, you might even be inspired to start a new home practice or take your existing practice to a new level.  



When a group of people on a similar path get together in a beautiful place, new friendships are bound to happen! It is incredibly inspiring to surround yourself with like minded people from around the world and practice together. Coming together like this in community is sometimes the perfect mirror to remind us that, although everyone is unique, we are all connected.



When we step out of our regular lives, we can invest our time into contemplation, setting intentions for life, turning obstacles into opportunities and visioning our dreams. Experiencing the unknown is an accelerated way to grow and learn. You will have the luxury of time to do just what you want to do. perspective changing guaranteed!



We can always come up with reasons or excuses for not doing something for ourselves. And we often find it easier to do for others without ever stopping and providing that same nurturing for ourselves! You, more than anyone else, deserves to be treated and taken care of. When we are happy, healthy and inspired, we can lead by example for others. Make this investment in YOU today, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make. 

I have been on a number of Carla’s retreats and I especially love her embracing Shakti retreats. The retreat is so rejuvenating and easy to attend due to location and pricing. She has such a gentle way of guiding you to meeting all the parts of you, the ones you love but forgotten and those you may have shamed but now have compassion for. Whenever one of her retreats come up it is hard for me to say no! If you are on the fence take the plunge you won’t regret it. With lots of love from my Divinity to Yours. Dr. Terri Aldred