Welcome! I‘m Carla

I call myself a Creatrix. Sexual empowerment coach. Embodied yoga and breath facilitator. Lover of dance, music and movement. Believer in the breath. Mother to 3 divine souls. Health and holistic nut. Explorer of stillness and expansion. Tantrika disciple. World adventurer. Artist and visionary. Seeker of truth and authenticity. Warrior for inclusivity. Dedicated healer of the collective. Devoted partner to my beloved. Priestess and pathfinder of the sacred feminine. Believer in humanity.

This is a sacred online space devoted to supporting YOU in accessing and connecting to the creative impulse of the feminine, in all aspects of your life.

Finding and surrendering into the energy of the feminine has been powerfully transformative for me in so many profound ways. Loving and appreciating my body as a beautiful temple (just the way it is), feeling more pleasure, feeling alive, sensuous, connected and turned on by life! I feel more embodied as a woman than I ever have before. And I want the same for you.

Within these pages, you will find my upcoming Retreats, Workshops, Coaching, Online Offerings, Blog and various other juicy tidbits.

I welcome you to peruse the delights contained within these pages. My deepest desire is to be in service to YOU. May we co-create a life together that allows us to heal, transform and awaken.

love & pranams,


Carla has a divine gift

“In the fullness of everyday life, we could forget who we are and a weekend together with women, a desire to heal, expand and learn, I can say this was the best self-care vacations I have been on. Carla has a divine gift, and she combines ancient forgotten and current teachings in such a way that opens you up to your true being.  It’s not just one thing but the whole journey that brought forward many answers, new connections and friendships. Thank you Carla.”

~ Anja Chow

Thank you for giving me the little push I needed to get here

“I had no idea what to expect as I packed for this retreat with both eager anticipation and nervous trepidation. From arrival to the last morning, I have been in awe of your steadfast guidance and energy during our practices. I don’t easily open up and share; with your encouragement and by example of my fellow goddesses, it was not so hard. Thank you for giving me the little push I needed to get here and for helping me learn that being uncomfortable can be fun.” ~ Kristie Waddell

To be in the presence of an exceptional woman and teacher is a gift in itself,

“To be in the presence of an exceptional woman and teacher is a gift in itself, to have her knowledge, wisdom and creativity shared with us, is a treasure. Carla used her talents to bring us deeper into our bodies and this truly was magical. To be in the presence other exceptional women each teachers in their own way and from their own life experiences was an honor and an experience I will hold dearly in my heart for some time.” ~ Denise Marshall

Her knowledge and light shine through the minute you meet her

“This was a trip of a lifetime. I had never met Carla before this trip. After speaking with her I decided to take a chance on this retreat and it was spectacular!! Her knowledge and light shine through the minute you meet her. Everything was perfect and I am so grateful that I had this opportunity.” ~ Sharon Bridson

Carla is an amazing yogi and a gift to women!

“Carla is an amazing yogi and a gift to women. Her teachings are accessible to all and bring about growth and self-discovery.”

~ Cindy Szekely

““This experience with you was undeniably life changing for me. I felt an amazing shift in my soul, it was extremely cathartic to the core, beautiful to my senses, a safe and wonderful way to self heal from the inside out. I was grounded to my depths and lifted to my heights, transformation just by breathing and connecting to others and ultimately to myself. Amazing ♡ Thank you !” ~ Cindy Black


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“Carla’s retreat was extraordinary!

The two daily yoga sessions nicely framed the day while allowing us time in between to do our own thing. Carla is an excellent teacher who really knows her stuff but is also fun and compassionate. I loved the extras too – cooking lesson, gong bath, salsa dance lesson, massage etc. My practice has already shifted and even though I am “back in my life” I feel I will be able to retain the focus I left Mexico with. Thank you!”

– Alexandra Ewashen


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