Literally! Yes.
In this study from the Globe & Mail, people who use handheld devices reported pain in their hands, arms, upper back and neck. The more they used their devices the greater the pain. And with more than 2.19 trillion texts being sent each year in the US alone, there is a lot of potential for achy necks.
So how can you reduce your pain while using modern technology?

  • Sit in a way where you feel supported from your feet up to your pelvis and into your upper body e.g. feet on the floor, sitting on top of pelvic sitting bones, chest expanded.
  • Periodically lift the device to chest level and raise your arms to bring more ease into the neck and eyes.
  • Remember to breathe while using your device.
  • Feel your breath coming into your chest and with it notice how your chest and sternum lift. The angle of the back of your neck will change. This will change the angle of your neck and focus of your eyes.
  • Drink more water. Proper hydration all day eases stress throughout the body, including the cervical spine.

Or, even better, put the phone down and get together in person! See if you can make the space this week to spend some one on one time with someone you care about. Your neck (and your heart!) will thank you.