At the end of the day (or maybe every minute of the day), we have two choices.
The first: close your heart to meaningful connections and fear anything that comes close.
The second: open your heart up so fully that whatever fear that may have existed in that spot gets overwhelmed by an abundance of freely flowing love.
I’m here to tell you that the second option should really be the only option because there is no other way to live. There is no holding back when tomorrow comes every day, anyway. Fears will surface in each situation, your body will feel pain no matter what, but with an open heart, your whole being will recover incredibly quickly and flourish in what is anew.
What are some tips to lead from our hearts?
A great place to start is to step into every situation with a consciousness for compassion. Hold that hug with compassion. Hum your early morning tune with vigor. Walk down the street like you’re performing a ballet. Brush your teeth with such detail that their existence depends on it! Thrive wildly and beautifully! That is compassion for you and what you choose to do.
Another way to bring more openness into the world is to acknowledge it’s existence. This means when you notice yourself slowly glossing over, losing all interest, acknowledge it to yourself and to your situation. Just the act of acknowledging it is a great step towards thinking about what you can do to ensure that heart valve stays open and full. But it doesn’t stop at your actions, when you see somebody else opening up their heart valve so fully, jump in and say ‘you’ve won!’ Positive reinforcement at its finest.
What better way to grow that awareness of heart then through meditation! Reflect on one or two situations during your day and recognize at what capacity you were there with your heart. Perhaps you may also stratagize in this space how you can open your heart to its full capacity.
A great way to jumpstart your heart’s vibrancy is to join me at one of my Breath of Bliss workshops. I specifically design these to kickstart your heart into its fullness, its strength, and to help you test the waters in a safe spot to living fully from your heart.