“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.” ~ Jason Crandell

Warriors and savasanas and planks and trikonasanas are all very effective at aligning our sheath of outer-self with our sheath of inner mind, using effective tactics like breath and posture, but then what? Does Yoga just stop here, with a building of stretchy limbs?
Perhaps this space is also a very supple opportunity to reflect on who we are as a human? Reflect on some of our actions during the day or previous day and see if there were perhaps some more peaceful actions or moments where I could have been more understanding? Being the brand new year, it seems like this could be a great space to reflect on our past, and to choose a subtle shift towards more intention into the future.
Perhaps this space is the perfect opportunity to meditate upon our ‘me’, to visualize our self filling the space of our dreams.