Still remember your New Years resolutions? Yeh, neither can I, and I definitely dumped whatever ones I had made for far better ones today! But that’s just the natural flow of life, isn’t it?
Today, I’d like to talk about some ideas on how you can be nice to yourself, nurture yourself, you know.. some self care ideas.
Yoga. Yoga of the mind. Yoga of the body. Yoga of the soul. There are so many positive benefits from keeping a regular Yoga practice that you’re probably better off stepping away from reading this and doing a nice forward fold. And while you’re doing that forward fold, feel your breath flowing into your veins and filling up your heart with sunshine. Visualize magic.
Hydration. These vessels we call our bodies are incredibly full of water, so feed yourself some good clean water. Avoid processed sugar rich, caffeine rich, alcohol rich liquids, and go for more pure forms hydration. Some of my favourite choices are – aside from fresh water from the tap! – coconut water, herbal teas, and I’m getting very excited about Kombucha. Oh probiotic goodness come to me!
Food. Make healthy choices with food. This includes avoiding processed (ready heavily salted and preserved) foods like Lays potato chips (I know, so delicious), foods from a can or box like TV dinners or frozen pizzas or spaghettios, and fatty foods like cheese, 12 oz. steaks, and butter. Have you ever heard of the perimeter diet, where you just go around the perimeter of the grocery store? You’ll find lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts around the perimeter.
Sleep! This is me giving you permission to go to bed early and to sleep in late. Any time spent vertical is pure bliss to your body. And don’t even get me started with the power of naps!
Perhaps you can share with me a few more ideas on how to give myself some self care?