You and me are connecting right now through a digital medium that exists in pixels and maybe some audio. Flashes essentially. Supernova experiences? Maybe not that epic, but a beautifully elaborate presentation none-the-less.
But the human condition (that is, being human) necessitates that we are nourished with the power of touch. Human connection. It’s quite literal that we send electricity through one another when we touch, our energy lines flow that way.
It is no mistake that our energy lines within ourselves come to an end at our phalanges. Our fingers are sensors and also beacons of energy! So are our feet! Our veins end at these points, and they are even a different colour then the rest of our skin, a soft underside protected from the harshness of some weathers. They also happen to be our connection points to the rest of the earth. We walk on our feet, and hold most everything else in our hands.
Today, I’m encouraging you to touch somebody! Ok, maybe a friend or partner or child. Share your bright and shining energy beam with their energy beam and light up that energy space you’re sharing like a supernova! Go on! Time’s a wasting!