Each and every day we’re most likely met with countless opportunities for deep sharing. Yet, so often, we don’t allow ourselves to go into that space. A variety of reasons exist – in a rush, not comfortable, not familiar, not feeling it, too much inside our head, too self conscious, presenting a tough exterior image – but are those reasons really valid when we think about it?
Perhaps even just one deep share will change your life today. Maybe start off easily with sharing deeply with a flower you see, or with a smell first thing in the morning. Maybe it’s your coffee you’ll deeply share with.
It doesn’t even need to be talked, it can be whispered or said inside your head.
The point is that we’re practicing our deep sharing regularly, so that we nurture that space within us to naturally flow when an opportunity arises.
Sure, there are some times when it really isn’t appropriate to deeply share, but learning when the space has been opened, and learning how to create the space, is a craft that I believe with practice will enrich your life.