When you are experiencing life, sometimes you experience such great pleasures, sometimes you maybe get splashed by a wave and weren’t expecting it.
Well, I got splashed.
But this is what it means to live. We take chances and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t and sometimes they kind of work but we maybe get a bit wet in the process.
Much like an asana practice. Your yoga practice is never the same. At least mine isn’t. Some days I can balance in Lord of the Dance pose for hours, other days, I can hardly do tree pose for a few seconds.
As humans, we have an incredibly beautiful dynamic within this thing called life. Each day we wake up with new opportunities and doors to open, with the same old asanas to try or we can push ourselves out into the great unknown and try one of those inversions we’ve been feeling.
I got splashed, and I felt so alive it was good! I’d like to hear your story today?