Salamba Sirsasana or supported headstand can become very dangerous so I want to clear this precaution first. When doing any exercise or work on the spine and neck it is incredibly important to be sensitive of the potential damage that can happen. One wrong move, or too much weight transferred to the neck and there is the potential to slip disks or crush cartilage in the neck.
It is very helpful to start your headstand journey with a spotter or partner to hold your legs as you find balance.
That said, build up to this position. When entering, slowly transfer the weight from your shoulders and forearms to your head, and the same when exiting.
To start, kneel on the floor and lace your fingers together – forearms fully on the floor and elbows slightly wider than shoulder width.
Now set the crown of your head on the floor, and the back of your head right into the hands clasped – inhale – and begin to lift your knees off the ground. Slowly start walking your toes towards your head.
Feel your hips lifting, strengthening through the shoulders – exhale – and lift both feet off the floor at once. Maybe a hop will help. Firm your tailbone against your pelvis, feel the strength, and slowly bring your heels towards the sky.
From here, widen those shoulder blades and feel the length of your body extend upward to the sky to help lift some of that weight off your head.
10 seconds is a great amount of time to hold this pose for – exhale – and slowly bring your feet back to the ground and walk yourself back to a downward dog, and even a fully extended flop on the floor.
Congratulations! You just did Salamba Sirsasana, a fairly advanced asana!