I just returned a couple of days ago from two phenomenal retreats in Mexico – my annual Yoga & Spirit Retreat in Sayulita and then a Cultural & Culinary Retreat in Oaxaca. Fourteen incredible days filled with adventure and abundant heart connections. I left Mexico feeling light, inspired and joyful.
And while my intention was to try and sustain this post retreat high for as long as possible, in less than 3 days I began to falter under the pressures of my long post trip to do list. How easy it is to fall back into habits that create contraction and tunnel vision. Anyone relate?
So today I took some time in front of my altar to sit, close my eyes and just breathe. And within just a few moments I could sense more ease and flow.
The breath is the thread that connects the body and the mind. When the breath is easy and expansive, then the mind and the body will also express these qualities. It can be easy to forget this – it happens to me all the time. But then I remember and with the next breath everything can change.
The term sthira-suhkam is often used to describe this state of being, where sthira means steady and stable and sukham means comfortable and ease-filled.
Whatever is happening for you right now, join me for a moment and become curious about your breath. 

  • Start with the exhalation. Watch the out-breath with an inquiring mind. What does it feel like? What does it sound like? Pay attention and practice watching until you know everything out your exhalation.
  • Now focus on your inhalation, with the same level of curiosity.
  • Stay relaxed. And simply observe your experience.

So now turn off your computer. Find a comfortable place to sit, maybe even with some sunshine. Close your eyes. Breathe. Repeat.
love & pranams,