As we approach this June 17th, the day we honour men and the fathers of the world, I’ve been contemplating what it means to be a man and a father…and acknowledging the collective healing around the masculine that is taking place at this time.
I’m also thinking about the myriad of emotions that must come up for those who never had the opportunity of having a father, or those who have a complicated relationship with their dads.
Many of you may have not had a father figure in your life, or known the love of a male figure to look up to. And even for those of us who have been privileged to have grown up with a father in our lives, there can still be trauma associated with that paternal connection.
The work of healing our connection to the Divine Masculine necessitates an alignment with the embodied aspects of the masculine. Sometimes the masculine gets a bad rap, especially at this time with so much toxic behaviour being exposed and called out. But the reality is that Divine Masculine energy is a much needed energy in our lives and worlds – it is the energy that draws healthy boundaries, holds firm and safe containers, and stands up for what is aligned with truth and justice.
A healthy expression of the masculine is seen in a person who is strong yet can also be gentle. They are able to take appropriate action of guidance and leadership without the need of praise or ego-stroking. They are someone who doesn’t take up space for space’s sake, but makes you feel safe and supported. This energy holds a strong and safe container for feminine energy to flow freely and without constraint.
Deep healing of the masculine is needed at this time and one of the ways we can begin to do this is to honour the examples of the Divine Masculine we have in our lives and appreciate them. We can also recognize and stop the internalized misogyny we play out regularly within ourselves. This takes the form of the insidious behaviours, thoughts, and actions that cause us to shame, doubt, and undervalue ourselves and others of our gender.
A Simple & Powerful Practice to Heal the Divine Masculine

  1. Begin by writing down the names of 3-5 men that exemplify the Divine Masculine in your life and community. Identify 2-3 qualities each of Divine Masculine qualities you see and honour.
  2. Now, reflecting on those qualities, ask yourself how you can integrate those qualities into your life or into your own internal dialogue.
  3. BONUS: Share with these men personally and maybe even publicly the qualities you appreciate, and let them bask in this appreciation.

When we heal the energy of the Divine Masculine within ourselves and others we can see and honour that quality within each and every man (and those who identify as men) and draw that out. In our acceptance and integration of this essence, we can highlight and amplify this essence in others.
As men continue the journey of redefining what manhood truly looks and feels like, we can all play an active role in this collective healing – by honouring our men and fathers during this time and the expression of the Divine Masculine within.
Let the men and fathers in your life know where they are showing up like warriors, where you see them shining, where you respect their convictions, and where you see their honour and pride.
The Divine Masculine is a force that protects – not overpowers. It is the energy that creates loving boundaries without crossing over them. Let us witness the men in our lives and celebrate their courage as they seek to cross the bridge from confusion to wholeness – and redefine masculinity for future generations.
love & pranams,