The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere arrives tomorrow when the sun stops moving North and reaches its highest point of the year ~ the Summer Solstice. Cultures all over the world and throughout history have celebrated this day. They observed that the expansion of consciousness opened through meditation, practice and ceremony on the Solstice is magnified in a very powerful way. Taking pause on this special day can be a very potent experience.
The Summer Solstice is celebrated at this time of peak bloom, and of great appreciation for the bounty delivered by our earth Pacha Mama. As Cait & Maura acknowledge:
“Summer is a festival of this inner fire/power, the power that makes abundance and nourishment grow from tiny seeds. The power that brings things to fulfillment, and expands and brightens our lives, that makes good things come from seed ideas and plans. And as we watch the ripening and flowering and fruiting all around us, we can’t help but be moved by and grateful for the generosity of the Earth Mother, who gives says what we need so unstintingly. Summer is a perfect time to discover our earth connection; by receiving her gifts with respect, taking only what we need, and doing what we can to minimize our impact on the delicate balance of the planet, we strengthen and nourish the bond we were given a birth with the great parent who sustains us all.” – ~ Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw from Celebrating the Great Mother
We can honour the balance between what Cait and Maura call the ‘intense activity and lazy, idle hours doing nothing” by celebrating this magical day tomorrow with this easy Summer Solstice Ritual:

  1. Go out into nature, whether forest, beach or park, and allow yourself to bask in the delicious feeling of nothingness for an hour (or at least 20-30 minutes). Let your toes slip through grass uncovered, do cartwheels among the trees or even take a dip in some brisk water. Celebrating the bounty of nature’s beauty through our simple enjoyment is one of the most powerful ways of appreciating our Mama Gaia.
  2. During your time, make a nature altar giving thanks. If you’re at a beach, gather and organize water plants, rocks, and sticks into a beautiful altar on the shore. If in the forest or a park, stack twigs, leaves, flowers and fallen debris into an installation celebrating the beauty found in mother nature.
  3. Sit back and open to the joy of seeing or imagining someone discover your creation!

Play, have fun and remember all that you’ve generated this year & honour what has burst into creation!
love & pranams,