Jung believed that we each associate with things differently. This means that our unique symbolism is unique to us given our past history and associations. A tamborine for you might make you think of the Beatles, and for me it makes me think of the chaos of a child and their toy.
Symbols are also very powerful in mood associations. When I drive past familiar land marks on my way to a childhood favourite place, I get excited and all those old memories return. When I drive to my parents place, I see familiar signs and corners in the road that make me return to my teenage years. If my kids could just tell you about the stories I tell them in these moments!
In this way, symbols can be used to help us return to our zen spot as we journey throughout our days, to return to those spots we may have achieved while on the mat during our Asana practice.
Can you pick out any symbols I have used in this photograph to prepare our alter for ceremony?
Do you have some symbols that you regularly use that are powerful for you in creating that zen place we all crave and require to be emotionally stable humans??