Moon rituals are an ancient and sacred practice that have been celebrated for millennia in India, China, Babylonia, and Egypt where moon worship was an integral part of the culture. The ancients observed that the phases of the moon influenced the growth of plants, the tides and the behaviour of animals and human life. Savouring moonlight throughout the month was seen as both a sacred and necessary part of the cycle of life.

Our modern world tends to be dismissive of the power and effect of the moon, but many still realize and celebrate the internal and psychic connection of this cosmic body in our lives. A moon ritual enjoyed today has just as much sacredness as in years past and brings a beautifully ancient and quiet practice into our never-stop contemporary world.
One complete cycle of the moon takes exactly 28 days to complete, ebbing and flowing just as our menstrual cycles do. Rituals related to the moon invite us to go inward and get quiet, free from distractions. We have the opportunity to be one with the energy of our environment and mindfully plant seeds of intention.
When you begin syncing your ritual and manifestation practices with the moon, you are aligning your energy to the potent energies already existing around you, magnifying your abilities to attract what you desire and release what you don’t.


New Moon:  A New Moon happens when the sun (yang energy) aligns, or conjoins, with the moon (yin essence). This is a time to get still, breathe new life into areas that might be stuck and invite new intentions. This new cycle of energy heralds fresh opportunities, visions and dreams.
Waxing Moon: The moon is growing, which also signifies the growing of your intentions. Be open to continued inspiration, guidance, and vision to result in direct action of your dreams. My advice is to focus on one intention and spend time visualizing and creating space for manifestation daily.
Full Moon: The moon is now in her full feminine splendor. This is the culmination of power, peak creative energy and incredibly powerful intuitive breakthroughs. It is the time to celebrate embodiment and what has come to fruition. At the Full Moon, the energy is potent, all consuming and and intense. This energy gives you the impulse to take action, especially regarding the intentions you set during the New Moon.  This can also be a powerful time to release emotions, beliefs, people, experiences from your life, or anything you have outgrown.
Waning Moon:  As the light disseminates, we begin to draw ourselves back in. We can reflect on the past lunar cycle – what happened, what we have learned and what lessons we can bring forward.  Re-read your intention and evaluate how you have changed since it was written. Consider how you want to move forward during the next lunar cycle.
On August 26th we will welcome the Full Moon. And I’ll be sharing more in my next email on a special ritual you can weave into your Full Moon practice.
love & pranams,