Today I would like less than 3 minutes of your time. 2:18 minutes to be exact. I want you take a deep breath in and big sigh out. Relax wherever you are and click on the image below. Press play, close your eyes and listen. Listen through your ears, all your senses and through every pore in your skin…

“A Call to Prayer” by Estas Tonne
Here and now before earth and sky we stand.
We feel the blessing of your infinite love in our blood. In our bones. In our breath. In our hearts.
We open our eyes to see beyond what we have seen before. We open our ears to hear what we could not hear before.
Beyond repetition. Beyond the beyond. We feel a new story emerging beyond ourselves and rippling into our lucid body. 

As waves of love remind us of who we really are. Dissolve us into what we have always meant to be. And the layers between us and who we are meant to be, fade away. And suddenly we realize we are all we could dream we could be. 
To see without eyes. To walk without feet. To fly without wings.
This is my prayer for you.

What was present for you when you received this prayer? I’d be honoured if you’d comment below and share your experience with me.
love & pranams,