Calling all witches! Yes, today is Halloween but it also Samhain, a traditional Celtic holy day. Samhain signals the end of harvest and the beginning of the winter, the darkest part of the year governed by the archetype of the Great Crone, or Wise Woman. This day marks the mid-point between the late September Autumnal Equinox (equal day and equal night) and the Winter Solstice (the shortest day of the year) in late December in the Northern Hemisphere.
It is on this night when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is said to be thinnest, and you are invited to connect to ancestral memory and to listen deeply as you revere in its wisdom.
Although tonight might be full with trick or treaters, see if you feel called to engage in a Samhain ritual, which can help you contact and communicate with the Otherworld. It is also a way powerful way to bring closure to grieving and to honour family members and others close to you that have passed on.

  • Prepare by creating some physical and mental space for yourself that feels special and free of distractions. Have a journal and pen available.
  • Put on some of your favourite black clothes and anoint yourself with some delicious oils or scents.
  • Create an Ancestors Altar.  Place photographs, heirlooms and other mementos of deceased family, friends, or even pets. Intersperse the altar with votive candles. Have a bowl filled with chocolate, apples, nuts or other delicious treat as a special food offering dedicated to them.
  • As you light the candles, speak their names out loud and express gratitude for being part of your life or lineage.
  • Close your eyes, drop in and listen. Pay attention to what you experience. Take time to write any messages you receive in your journal.

I believe that we all have loving ancestors who want us to fulfill our dharma (highest life path) as happy, whole and fully realized beings. When we honour and acknowledge the importance of our ancestors, these relationships can become a transformative source of healing, support and empowerment in our lives.
If this practice resonates with you, hit reply and tell me more. I’d also love to see a picture of your Ancestor’s Alar – head on over to my Facebook page and share your creation. Have a magical and mysterious evening!
love & pranams,