Anger is an emotion we often don’t give ourselves permission to feel as women.

Yet, suppressing anger within our emotional systems can often end up harming us when that unexpressed energy lodges in the body. Instead we can choose to channel our anger it into constructive action.

With this full Moon in Gemini square Mars (also known as the Beaver Moon), you may notice simmering anger coming to the surface. Repressed anger can manifest physically as pain in your body, accidents, aggressive reactions towards others, or as conflict in your home.

By courageously facing what is making you feel threatened, you create the space to look at situations with truth and perspective.
In this Full Moon Ceremony, we’ll be listening deeply to the messages of our suppressed anger and transmuting them for greater power, healing, and clarity.


Part 1: Activating your Voice

Our throat chakra is where we speak our truth from, and is also the chakra for many women which has experienced major blockages through patriarchy, oppression, and karmic seeds. You may have experienced lifetimes where speaking your truth had you abused, punished or even killed (think the European witch trials). Opening this chakra requires you to also open up to expressing the power of your righteous anger.

  1. Start with gentle sounds like OM, mantras or simple sound.
  2. Allow your throat to warm up and bring your voice to a louder expression.
  3. Take your voice to a comfortable but loud tone, and express the word “YES!” as enthusiastically as possible.
  4. Continue saying YES! at least 10 times.
  5. Now shift to yelling the word NO! at least 10 times.
  6. Feel any emotion that comes up…..suppressed emotion around a failed relationship, frustration, disagreements or anything else that surfaces.
  7. If it feels right, allow yourself to get primal and express your growls, yowls, and animal yells. Feel the ferocity in your voice to express your truth.

Part 2: Honouring the Anger to Release it

Our anger is also trying to bring attention to something we haven’t listened to, whether that’s boundaries, our intuition, or an issue we haven’t wanted to face.
Now that you have opened up your throat to express yourself, you’ll want to explore the messages your anger has for you.
Gather a piece of paper/pen/sacred objects. Set up sacred, serene and private space with your sacred objects. Maybe light a few candles.
On your paper, answer the following questions:

  1. I have suppressed my anger towards (insert name/issue/experience)….write down as much as you can.
  2. I honour my anger for bringing attention to the fact that….(write down insights of what the anger is wanting you to listen to) i.e. I need to create more space for personal self-care, I need to honour my boundaries in personal relationships, I need to allow myself to really feel the violation of …
  3. I now release the energy and emotion of anger to allow for….(write down the feelings + experiences anger has created space for) i.e., feelings of peace towards my father, feelings of love and trust towards myself and in really listening to what my intuition tells me

Afterwards, read aloud your answers. You’ll want to then burn the paper in a flame (and in a safe fire-proof vessel).

If you enjoyed this ritual, stay tuned for more heart based resources in the Embracing Shakti Temple launching in early 2019. Details soon.