As we shift into this final stage of 2018, this is a perfect time to reflect on the past year’s triumphs and lessons, create sacred time to connect with family and friends, and begin envisioning your growth for the coming year.
This new moon in Sagittarius on Dec 7th is the optimal time to take advantage of this opportunity to dream big – with larger-than-life Jupiter ruling this lunation.
Like it’s archetypal symbol of the archer, allow yourself to be honest with yourself on what you’ve been truly wanting to experience, learn and receive and pull back your bow. Aim and release your arrow towards the nudges, inspirations, and hidden dreams still tugging at your soul.
AND there’s a call to deeper exploration… beyond just worldly things, what are the greater lessons, insights, and wisdom you’re wanting to embody. The archer is also half-man, half-animal – so this symbolism asks us to not only get clear on worldly desires but also spiritual ones.
Are you desiring:

  • To feel more intimately connected to your sensuality, expression and body?
  • To release inhibitions in speaking your soul’s truth and desires?
  • To feel freer in how you live your life?

For the month of December, I invite you to join me in celebrating this past year’s successes, insights, and journey along with setting strong and clear visions for our 2019.


So often, we can be in a hurry to accomplish, create or move onto the next phase of our life – without honouring, celebrating, and reflecting on the current stage or process of our journey.
Where you are in your life, is the manifestation of many dreams and intentions you’ve held in the past?
Now is the time to honour this.
In this ritual, come to acknowledge and celebrate ALL of the growth and progress you’ve made emotionally, spiritually, and physically to get to this place, right now.


Set your sacred space and really allow for an hour or two. Make tea, light candles, and grab that box of tissues. This is a love ceremony by you and for you…honouring yourself from a space of full appreciation takes precious time.
Take some deep breaths, and really drop into your core, into your heart, and into your yoni and womb space.
Using the microcosmic orbit, cycle your breath up the front and back of the body and allow it to circulate through your being.
Coming into your heart space, really reflect on the journey you’ve been on over the past 13 moons (13 months):

  • What major things have you experienced and grown from?
  • What deep limiting beliefs and ideas did you release about who you are and your worthiness?
  • What beautiful insights did you glean about the power and potency of yourself?
  • What revelations did you experience about how life is here to support you and the power of community?
  • What special messages and affirmations from Spirit have you appreciated?

These, my love, are to be expressed through your written word. Place these words and the paper it’s written on, on your sacred altar.
Watch my next email for the second PART TWO of this POWERFUL RITUAL, so you can start 2019 off with closure, celebration and aligned clarity.
love & pranams,