There was a time in my life where I placed everyone and everything around me as more important than ME….

There was a time where I felt ashamed and stuck in guilt around feeling pleasure and in honouring my desires through my sexuality.

And there was a time where I felt isolated in my journey, yearning for a group of women who were in my life to support me.

AND this is where the power of Shakti comes in.

Feeling at ease and comfortable in your body, womb, heart, and sexuality is a foundation for how we can amplify the Goddess in the world…and it is the foundation of the work we’ll be diving into in the Embracing Shakti Temple opening March 1st.

AND as a mother of three children running a yoga studio, multiple online businesses, and nourishing a partnership with my incredible husband, finding the space to carve out time for my own self-care and exploration of my sensuality is no small task.

Shakti has been waiting for you to:​

✨ Know that you are love, divine and sacred

✨Listen and trust your intuition

✨FEEL YOU are truly worthy of what you desire

✨ AND Reclaim your magic, voice, and wisdom

We are being called to remember and awaken to this life force inside of us, by honouring it, listening to it, and celebrating it…with the support and witnessing of other women.

Sister, this is your sacred choice point. Join me in remembering your feminine wisdom, energy and innate power in community with other women, from the comfort of your own home.

Are you ready to embrace the most exquisite version of you?

By making a Conscious Commitment with yourself for as little as $33USD a month, this Temple will hold you accountable and give you the community and resources you need to return to your inherent shine, sensuality, liberation and voice.

Join me in the Saying YES to becoming a Sister of the Embracing Shakti Temple today!