If there’s a belief I can stand behind is that if we are going to heal the planet together sister – we NEED to do the work for ourselves first.

There is of course a deep importance to activism, action, and being vocal in the world about what we want to see change. (In this moment I want to acknowledge all of the people on the ground championing water rights, environmental protection, and legislation moving us forward).

AND we don’t necessarily need to sacrifice our dreams towards a cause.


We need to return to feeling in our wombs and our yonis.

Shakti energy is the missing piece in a woman’s initiation into her full and complete womanhood, and yet many of us are only now coming into this realization now.

Embracing Shakti in your life is as much about embracing and honouring the fullness of your sexual beingness, honouring the divinity of your full, sensual, perfect self. It is the full adoration of your movements, your embodied presence, and moment-to-moment worship of your being.

AND doing this important work in a community of other women is one step towards mending the circle of the feminine.

Imagine a place where you can connect with women from around the world, and explore with each other information on:

Global Goddess Culture

Goddess Frequencies and Archetypes

Rituals and Ceremonies

Self-care and gentle energy practices to move energy in your body

This Embracing Shakti Temple collective of women is a place where we all come together to share our stories, ideas and visions of how we want to show up fully in the world as fully embodied women.

Together we will learn to identify the patterns and behaviours in our life that do not serve us well and how to break free of overwhelm and tap into our natural powers of creativity and manifestation.

The EST brings women from all over the world together in community and sisterhood support as this global awakening of the power of the feminine opens us into infinite possibility.

On this journey you’ll be guided through monthly ceremonies that celebrate the important passages of life. Over time you will learn lunar & seasonal ceremonies, goddess & archetype rituals, life stage ceremonies, and many others. You will easily be able to recreate these rituals on your own and be empowered to create your own unique imprint on what you have learned so your ceremonies are exclusively your creation.

This can be YOU love! If you choose it and say YES!

With proven exercises, powerful ceremonies and transformative practices along with the online sisterhood, the Embracing Shakti Templ will be there for you every step of the way as you release emotional baggage, sexual insecurities and detrimental patterns that hold you back from being the most luminous version of you. What awaits is a woman who feels whole, seen and exquisitely alive!


Temple doors close on March 1st until later this year, so THIS is the time to embrace new change and beginnings!