This month in the Embracing Shakti Temple our featured embodiment of the Divine Feminine is Coventina, the Celtic Goddess of purification, wells and new beginnings. Although it seems much knowledge has been lost about this goddess, what we do know is that it is said she protected sacred water sources and enriched water with clarity, virtue and the capacity to answer our heart’s desires. There is a water temple dedicated to Coventina at Carrawburgh on the Northumbrian Moors near Hadrian’s Wall, dated at around CE 130. More than 13,000 coins were discovered in this well when it was excavated a century ago.

Because of her relationship to water, Coventina can swim into the layers of consciousness and help with inspiration, psychic abilities, dreams, and intentions. She helps us wash away what no longer serves us and helps provide a spiritual baptism to purify and cleanse and relieve us of worries and judgments. From this place, we are able to step into new beginnings.

If you would like to evoke the energy of Coventina to connect to her magic and power, here are a few suggestions:

  • Ever made a wish by throwing a coin in a fountain? This may have come from worshiping Coventina. Most of us don’t have a fountain nearby to wish on, so if you don’t, create a water space on your altar, and before you make an offering of coin or jewelry, silently ask Coventina to grant your desire.
  • Start your year off right with a purification bath! Fill your tub, add your favourite flowers and herbs and light some candles and incense. Invoke Coventina to purify your body to start 2020 off fresh. Repeat whenever you feel you need a new start!
  • Lots of people begin the new year with detoxing diets … but something often overlooked is detoxing of the mind. Can you make it an entire month with positive thoughts and speech? If a month seems too daunting, start with a day (or even an hour!), then try a week and build your way up.