I’ll be the first to admit it – I have a pretty amazing job. Traveling to stunning locations. Hanging out with amazing and inspiring people. Diving deep into transformative practices. Witnessing opening and releasing at so many levels.  I just love that I get to help facilitate these journeys – on the planet and into the heart. I always return honoured and humbled by each and every experience.
I’ve just returned from the most magical week in Yelapa, Mexico. Returning for my 3rd year, 10 incredible women joined me on an adventure exploring the Divine Feminine in a tropical paradise. Here is a taste of our experience together…
We explored the breath – in depth….opening ourselves to receive prana – vital life force energy and the medicine from the incredible vegetation around us. We joined in ceremony, honouring the sacred feminine in each other and our connection in sisterhood. We moved our bodies – finding shapes of strength, softness and ease. We danced the dance of the ancient druids. We walked through the jungle opening ourselves into the smells and sounds of a vibrant environment. We honoured nature by creating an earth mandala. We learned that the feminine has many forms each needing to be honoured. We swam in the warm ocean and let the sand dissolve between our toes. We ate lovingly prepared meals and savoured each bite. We laughed. We cried. We sang. We gave ourselves permission to be authentic, to live wildly and with a fully open heart.
So much gratitude. And I can’t wait to do it again (and share my new spectacular location with you soon!!)