In this episode of the Radical Sex Witches podcast we interview artist extraordinaire Louisa Foley. Based in Leeds, UK, Louisa is the creatrix of a project called Are We Nearly Bare Yet – which aims to subvert the male gaze and reclaim ownership of the ‘Nude’ art-form. Her passion is to create diversity, beauty and even humour of the ‘Nude’ for women and non binary people.

In this interview we talk about how this project came to be, its evolution and where she would like to take it in the world.  Louisa shares her process for her sought after commissions and how she attunes into herself to maximize her creativity. Louisa is funny, insightful and a delight.

And we also want to let you know that Louisa’s IG is phenomenal and an absolute must see (you might even be able to find Carla’s commissioned pic in there!).  You can find all her details below. Louisa is also the creatrix of our new Radical Sex Witches illustration of Carla & Little Leah, which you can find on our IG and more!


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