Thursdays beginning September 8th
9:00 to 11:00 AM at Chinook Yoga in Prince George, BC

Join Carla in a sacred journey that incorporates playful movement, healing touch, deep sharing, and conscious, connected breathing to inspire more fun and meaning in your life. Breath of Bliss can have profound healing effects and help you clear out the clutter that daily life builds up.

The Gifts of Imperfection

Sept 8: Cultivating Intuition & Trusting Faith
Sept 15: Cultivating Creativity
Sept 22: Cultivating Play & Rest
Sept 28: Cultivating Calm & Stillness
Oct 6: Cultivating Meaningful Work
Oct: 13: Cultivating Laughter, Song & Dance
This series is inspired by the incredible work of Brené Brown and the power of Wholehearted living.Each class is entirely a stand alone experience, but together they weave the overarching theme of exploring the power of love, belonging and being enough. You can sign up for the series or just for individual classes.

In a Breath of Bliss ceremony, the first half of the experience will:

  • Awaken your senses to the present moment and allow you to let go of your daily demands
  • Connect you deeply with others who are sharing the experience
  • Mobilize your emotions to release any stuck energy that may be holding you back in life
  • Nourish your cells so you can thrive physically
  • Prepare you emotionally, mentally and spiritually for the breathwork to bring to you the exact experience that you need in the moment
The second half guides you through 60-minutes of conscious, connected breathing that can:

  • Bring physical sensations to strengthen your body/mind connection
  • Inspire more creativity in your daily life
  • Connect you deeper with your Divine/Source/Higher Self and bring meaning to your life
  • Purge long-buried beliefs and open up to greater possibilities
  • Spark profound insights to inspire action in your life
Other health benefits include:

  • Physical/Cellular detoxification
  • Emotional detoxification
  • Stress reduction
  • Mental clarity
  • Emotional wellbeing
For one class at a time or drop-in: $40.00 plus tax
Full six weeks, every Thursday: $162.00 plus tax