Ayurveda may seem like a fairly obscure and overwhelming topic to start digging into, like identifying plants or counting the dots on the roof! But you may be surprised at how many ayurvedic practices you already incorporate into your life!
Breathing is a very common Ayurvedic practice. Depending on which dosha you’re trying to focus on, you can either speed up your breathing, or slow it right down. Quicker breaths, slower breaths. Give it a try.
Water, spiced water even! Pick out a spice that will help align with the dosha you’re trying to strengthen and infuse it in your water. Prepare for magic.
Waking up early, not just 5 minutes before it’s time to get to the day, but just before sunset you’ll notice that Vata energy fills the air. Vata is the movement energy, alive, and I guarantee your day will be infused with it if you practice this.
Check in to a morning ritual. Creating rituals allows you to tap into your ojas, or your bodies inner energy reserves. That’s you, being a luscious human being! Just one tip here, make it something enjoyable.
Ever given yourself a thorough shake in the morning? How about giving yourself a nice massage? Bring in some aromatherapy oils and you’re doing some Ayurveda! To balance vata, use ginger, cardamom, or orange; sandalwood or lavender work best for pitta; kaphas should try eucalyptus, rosemary, or sage.
Taking a bath is a practice that can help stimulate or calm your energy. Pittas will benefit from cooler temps, while lukewarm water is better for vatas, and even warmer temperatures are best for kaphas. So next time you’re thinking about a bath or shower, remind yourself that you’re balancing your doshas!
How many of these acts do you regularly do? See, I knew you already did Ayurveda!