Moon Phase Living

Do you love the moon? Us too! We have both had an ongoing love affair with the moon since I was a child. That beautiful changing orb in the sky that captivates us at every phase of her being.

And not only is the moon wondrous to look upon – aligning with her phases can really help us in all areas of our life.

In this episode about Moon Phase Living, Little Leah and Carla talk about:

  • How the moon enhances certain traits and energies in us and all life on Earth
  • The four distinct phases (New, Waxing, Full and Waning) and the types of activities we should plan during those times
  • Hormone cycling and the moon
  • and more!


Curious about how to liberate your inner witch and experience more pleasure, turn on and a deeper connection to life? Check out these selected links from the podcast!

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Celebrating Beltane

Beltane is an ancient Celtic Cross Quarter Festival celebrated on the first of May. Beltane represents the peak of Spring where the Earth’s energies are at their strongest and most active.  It is also a day that honours life’s oldest love story ~ that between the God and the Goddess. Beltane is a day to celebrate the divinity of our sexual nature and our capacity to grow that which we most desire.

In this episode Carla and Little Leah discuss the fascinating history and mythology around Beltane and offer some sexy suggestions on how celebrate this special day.


Curious about how to liberate your inner witch and experience more pleasure, turn on and a deeper connection to life? Check out these selected links from the podcast!

Embracing Shakti Temple Membership Circle

Sexual Empowerment Coaching

Free 30 minute Discovery Call with Carla

Have a question or comment about this episode or anything else – let us know by connecting with us on Social.
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full moon in scorpio ~ fear releasing ritual

full moon in scorpio ~ fear releasing ritual

In two days, the Full Moon in Scorpio will descend upon us. With this passionate and emotional water sign in control, you’ll probably experience some really deep feelings. The scorpion is an independent and deep thinker who is unafraid to blaze their own trail. They will kill themselves before being killed by another. If that doesn’t spell fearlessness, I don’t know what does!

To help you make this most of this Full Moon, I have provided a simple ritual that will help get you past your own fears!


·        5 crystals of your choice
·        Smudge stick – I like sage for this one
·        Pen and paper
·        Incense or aromatherapy diffuser (optional)


1. Begin your ritual by cleansing your space, self and crystals with your smudge stick. Recite a mantra or prayer of your choosing that speaks to how you are cleansing your space with light and loving energy.

2. Light your incense or put on your diffuser to set a relaxing ambiance and feel free to also put on some calming music.

3. Grab your pen and paper and at the top of the page write “My greatest fears are…” then begin writing whatever comes to mind. Dig deep and get it all out. No fear is too big or too small. Release it all out onto the paper.

4. Take some deep breaths and a moment to check in with yourself. Be ok with the thoughts and feelings that may have arisen and remember to be gentle with yourself.

5. Lay on the floor or bed in a comfortable position. Take your crystals and rub them with your hands to generate some heat and energy. Place the first crystal on your heart center, the second just below your belly button, the third over your third eye (middle of forehead) and keep the remaining two in your hands.

6. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to settle your mind. Then bring your awareness to each crystal, one by one. Feel the crystal and see its energy in your minds eye, while thanking it for being a part of your healing.

7. Bring your attention to the crystal on your third eye and gently repeat (but you can also write your own): “I am opening. I am surrendering. I am accepting the flow of my life. I know I am always Divinely supported. I know I carry the wisdom inside. I know that I am always guided by myself and by the world around me. I am on the right track. I am on the right track. Everything is working out perfectly.”

8. Now move to your heart center and repeat (or use your own): “I surrender, I will no longer fight the change or circumstances of my life. I will accept wholeheartedly my life and all that makes me happy and uncomfortable and everything in between. I surrender to all of it and know that I am loved. I love myself. I love my life. I love the opportunities I have been given to transform.”

9. Finally, bring your awareness to you the crystal on your stomach and repeat (again, feel free to use your own): “I love myself; I love myself. I know I am strong. I know I can get through anything. I no longer have to pressure myself. I no longer have to be perfect for I am perfect just the way I am. I forgive myself. I accept myself just as I am and I know that I always have the power to create what I desire.”

10.  Rest in this position for a moment and when you are ready, get your pen and a new piece of paper and write down “My Third Eye Crystal wants me to know this…” and write whatever thoughts or feelings come to mind. You can also repeat this process for your Heart and Solar Plexus crystals too.

11.  Take your “fear” piece of paper, look back over what you wrote and see if any new thoughts or feelings have risen. Now, rip the paper as a way to release your fears.

12.  To finish this ritual, discard the ripped paper. You may want to keep your “crystal” paper somewhere safe. If you have found the power of your crystals too intense, you may want to close things out by smudging yourself a final time.

I hope this ritual aids you during the Full Moon in Scorpio! Drop me a line and let me know if it helped curb some of the more intense emotions that many of us will probably be feeling. Until next time, beautiful friends!

full moon in libra relationship ritual

full moon in libra relationship ritual

On Friday we are coming into another Full Moon in Libra ~ and this one seems so especially auspicious, I just had to provide you some insight.

This Full Moon in Libra will boost the intimacy in all of your relationships, and ask of you to deepen in trust, honesty, and authenticity through embodying it. The Full Moon of April 19th, 2019 will encourage us to repair suffering relationships and to give be more present for our loved ones. If you are in a relationship and have things that you need to talk about with your partner, now is the good time to do so.

Releasing and letting go during the Full Moon will give you a freeing energy. What a relief it is to send your intention to the universe completed and free of any blocks. Believe that it is in motion and the universe is doing what is for the good of your intention.

Here’s a Full Moon Ritual you can use to release YOUR patterns and beliefs in relationships that don’t serve, and reflect on how you can embody more trust, appreciation and gratitude in all of your relationships. I guarantee you can expect more abundance, love, and good energy simply through this ritual.


You will need:

  • Candles & Incense
  • Altar Space
  • Pen & Paper
  • Smudge. Some suggestions include copal, sage, myrrh, tobacco
  • Crystal (one you feel comfortable releasing)
  • String/Thread, stick, and several rocks

1. Cleanse yourself, your altar/space, and chosen crystal with smudge along with lighting candles and incense.

2. Tie your thread/string around your stick, this becomes an emblem of yourself.

3. Now tie the same string around each individual rock that represents an important person in your immediate circle.

4. As you make the connection between yourself (the stick) and others (the rocks) reflect on your gratitude for that person in your life, the role they play, and the mirror they are for you. Feel into the energetic strength of that string, that connection.

  • Is it strong or weak?
  • Does it need more love or presence?
  • Have you been neglecting that connection?
  • Have you felt neglected by that connection?
  • Where could you better embody what you desire to experience in that connection?

5. Now, on a piece of paper, write down the desired outcomes you want in these relationships. Do you want to be a better partner to your spouse, do you desire to better support your family member, or provide a better sounding board to your best friend? Fold this paper and place it on your altar.

6. Finally, take a crystal and while holding it, allow everything you are ready to release from your relationships currently (such as old negative beliefs, people, or experiences) to be absorbed into the crystal. 

7. Once finished, take this crystal outside and giving the energy and thanks to Mama Gaia, bury the crystal in the ground and ask Gaia to take this energy from your life and transform it anew. 

8. And very importantly, release any expectations and place your trust in the fact that it is so!

I’d be honoured to hear more about your experience with this ritual – know that you can reach out anytime.

my birthday gift to you

my birthday gift to you

Today is a BIG day!! It’s the first day of Spring – the Vernal Equinox, which for us in the Northern Hemisphere is a huge deal. Finally the days are getting noticeably longer, the temperatures are warming, snow is melting and you can just feel that new growth vibe all around.

It is also a Full Moon, in Libra, the sign of balance. This particular Full Moon is about boosting the intimacy in all of your relationships, and asks you to deepen your trust, honesty, and authenticity. It is an auspicious time to repair suffering relationships and to be more present for our loved ones.

Tonight at sundown, the joyful Jewish holiday of Purim begins. Purim commemorates the salvation of the Jews in ancient Persia and is celebrated with costumes, sharing food, donations to the poor and lots of hamentaschen (triangle cookies filled with jam) and wine.

And….it is my birthday! Today I am celebrating another revolution around the sun. I’m pausing to acknowledge all the amazing gifts and blessings in my life – a healthy and capable body, a beloved partner that I adore, 3 extraordinary children who inspire me every day, loving and supportive friends, a yoga studio with devoted students, a career that embraces my dharma and engages my passions and devotions…and YOU! I am so grateful to you for being a part of my life.

So to thank you for being here, for reading my musings, for staying connected, for being part of a global shift of consciousness to make our world a better place for all beings everywhere, I want to offer you a small gift on this special day. I created this Spring Equinox meditation for just you. Take a moment to get comfortable, connect with your breath, drop in and nurture your Springtime intentions as we move into this season of renewal, beginnings and growth.

Thank you again for being here and I hope you enjoy this most special day.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo

Happy Sunday! I usually don’t visit your inbox on the weekend, but tonight is a very special cosmic event that I don’t want you to miss. This evening, at 9:16 PST we will enjoy a total lunar eclipse with the full moon in Leo – the galactic guardian of creativity. Are you ready to roar??!!

Leo, the lion empowers you to bring witness to the passion within. The archetypal energy present during this cosmic event is that of the King/Queen/Leader, and in this role we are called to find our lion courage, to lead from the heart and transcend our fears and perceptions of smallness. This guides us to greater personal power through self-awareness.

They key to finding our lion-heart is to embrace our inner light and express ourselves creatively. This can look different for everyone – whether it is dance, writing, art or something else that makes your heart sing. Drop in fully to your own personal expression of creativity over the next few days. And maybe even take it to the next level – do you dare to be visible? Share your creation with someone new (or send it my way) and bask in the feedback and appreciation. Leo loves to be the centre of attention – so soak it all in. Feels good doesn’t it?

Following and syncing ourselves to the moon cycles and their unique energy is a powerful way you can give yourself more permission to also connect with your Shakti energy, the creative force of the divine feminine. And this isn’t just for women, men also benefit from connecting to the feminine within. As we all have both masculine and feminine energies inside ourselves, celebrating and embodying the parts that are more hidden helps bring greater balance into all parts of our lives.

So I hope that tonight you go outside and dance under the eclipse – I know I will be!