full moon in scorpio ~ fear releasing ritual

full moon in scorpio ~ fear releasing ritual

In two days, the Full Moon in Scorpio will descend upon us. With this passionate and emotional water sign in control, you’ll probably experience some really deep feelings. The scorpion is an independent and deep thinker who is unafraid to blaze their own trail. They will kill themselves before being killed by another. If that doesn’t spell fearlessness, I don’t know what does!

To help you make this most of this Full Moon, I have provided a simple ritual that will help get you past your own fears!


·        5 crystals of your choice
·        Smudge stick – I like sage for this one
·        Pen and paper
·        Incense or aromatherapy diffuser (optional)


1. Begin your ritual by cleansing your space, self and crystals with your smudge stick. Recite a mantra or prayer of your choosing that speaks to how you are cleansing your space with light and loving energy.

2. Light your incense or put on your diffuser to set a relaxing ambiance and feel free to also put on some calming music.

3. Grab your pen and paper and at the top of the page write “My greatest fears are…” then begin writing whatever comes to mind. Dig deep and get it all out. No fear is too big or too small. Release it all out onto the paper.

4. Take some deep breaths and a moment to check in with yourself. Be ok with the thoughts and feelings that may have arisen and remember to be gentle with yourself.

5. Lay on the floor or bed in a comfortable position. Take your crystals and rub them with your hands to generate some heat and energy. Place the first crystal on your heart center, the second just below your belly button, the third over your third eye (middle of forehead) and keep the remaining two in your hands.

6. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to settle your mind. Then bring your awareness to each crystal, one by one. Feel the crystal and see its energy in your minds eye, while thanking it for being a part of your healing.

7. Bring your attention to the crystal on your third eye and gently repeat (but you can also write your own): “I am opening. I am surrendering. I am accepting the flow of my life. I know I am always Divinely supported. I know I carry the wisdom inside. I know that I am always guided by myself and by the world around me. I am on the right track. I am on the right track. Everything is working out perfectly.”

8. Now move to your heart center and repeat (or use your own): “I surrender, I will no longer fight the change or circumstances of my life. I will accept wholeheartedly my life and all that makes me happy and uncomfortable and everything in between. I surrender to all of it and know that I am loved. I love myself. I love my life. I love the opportunities I have been given to transform.”

9. Finally, bring your awareness to you the crystal on your stomach and repeat (again, feel free to use your own): “I love myself; I love myself. I know I am strong. I know I can get through anything. I no longer have to pressure myself. I no longer have to be perfect for I am perfect just the way I am. I forgive myself. I accept myself just as I am and I know that I always have the power to create what I desire.”

10.  Rest in this position for a moment and when you are ready, get your pen and a new piece of paper and write down “My Third Eye Crystal wants me to know this…” and write whatever thoughts or feelings come to mind. You can also repeat this process for your Heart and Solar Plexus crystals too.

11.  Take your “fear” piece of paper, look back over what you wrote and see if any new thoughts or feelings have risen. Now, rip the paper as a way to release your fears.

12.  To finish this ritual, discard the ripped paper. You may want to keep your “crystal” paper somewhere safe. If you have found the power of your crystals too intense, you may want to close things out by smudging yourself a final time.

I hope this ritual aids you during the Full Moon in Scorpio! Drop me a line and let me know if it helped curb some of the more intense emotions that many of us will probably be feeling. Until next time, beautiful friends!

let your intentions flourish this Beltane

let your intentions flourish this Beltane

It’s May Day! Also known as Beltane, this Gaelic festival marks the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Originally celebrated to protect cattle, crops, and people; special bonfires were lit and said to have protective powers through their flames, smoke and ash. Like a mass smudging, people and their cattle would walk around the fire or sometimes leap over the flames and embers.

Modern versions of Beltane still include the bonfire to be a key part of the celebration but central themes tend to significantly focus on life, fertility and growth. Other customs include decorating the “May Bush” with bright yellow flowers of the season and dancing around the Maypole.

Beltane is a great time for bringing intentions to life! One thing you can do to celebrate this year is to create a wish box charm.

You’ll need:

·        A small cardboard box (shoe boxes are great)
·        Rose petals
·        Sunflower and/or poppy seeds
·        Paper
·        A piece of willow or birch bark, an acorn or leaves
·        Something that represents your wish/intention

Start by writing your wishes/intentions on a piece of paper, while doing so, visualize them manifesting into reality. You can get extra creative by decorating your box with symbols such as the triple moon, pentacles, hearts … or whatever you’re feeling.

Poke several holes in the lid, as this will help your plants to grow. Next, take your box and put some earth into it. Then add a layer of your paper wishes with the bark/acorn and “wish representation” and then cover with another layer of earth. Now mix your rose petals with your seeds and scatter them on the top. Cover with a final layer of earth and place the lid back onto the box.

The best time to plant your wish box is after a fresh rainfall, but if you’re experiencing a dry season, just make sure to give your planting area a good watering the night before. Dig a hole 2 inches deeper than your wish box and lower it carefully into the hole while concentrating on your intention. Imagine your wish growing with the flowers as they reach skyward. As you cover your box with earth, say: “Dream that lies within the earth awaken now. Hope that sleeps awaken now. The stars await as so do I. Grow true, grow strong, toward the sky.”

If you don’t have a garden, you can also plant this in a pot.

I’d love to hear how you and your loved ones celebrate Beltane. Send me a message and let me know about your yearly traditions!

The Cosmic Gift of a Sacred Pause

The Cosmic Gift of a Sacred Pause

I just wrapped up an incredible experience with an amazing group of women who were beta-testers in the first secret launch of the Embracing Shakti Movement – a 13 Day Journey celebrating Shakti. This experience asked them to carve out 10 minutes a day from their lives to devote to themselves, their bodies, feelings and exploration of their Shakti, the energy of the divine feminine.

Some of these women were new mothers, mothers of multiple children, busy career women, and all of them recognizing the importance of taking even a few precious moments in their life just for them. But it wasn’t easy.

If you are like me, your days are filled with continual movement: mental planning and worrying, habitual talking, fixing, adjusting, solving, phoning, snacking, discarding, buying, and countless other ‘doings’. It is rare that consciously remove ourselves from autopilot.  

What if we were to intentionally stop our mental processing and continual busy-ness for a minute or two, and simply pause, drop in and notice our inner experience?

In 2 days, it will be the Winter Solstice. The word solstice comes from two Latin words meaning ‘sun’ and ‘stoppage’ – this will be the day that the sun stops moving South and reaches its lowest point of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Cosmically there is a momentary pause as the Sun stays in a fixed position for a period of 2-3 days and before rising a fraction once again on December 25th. A suspension between the solar inhalation and exhalation. 

It is a reminder and an opportunity for a sacred pause in our own lives to embrace stillness and inward reflection. It can be as simple as taking 10 conscious breaths. Slow, soft, gentle breaths in. Slow, soft gentle breaths out. 

Notice if you also feel called to construct a ceremony that authentically speaks to your appreciation of all that is. To really drop into the collective spirit of humanity, and honour all that nourishes us – the oceans, the air, the trees, the four-legged, two-legged, and winged. This is a time where all expressions of love are revered and appreciated. 

And to heighten your experience, the full moon on December 22 joins the supergiant red star Betelgeuse in Orion – which is associated with great power, honour and wealth. So, follow your intuition and be open-minded about any unexpected opportunities that arise. New people or even a new attitude could lead to pleasant surprises with your career, finances or relationships this Christmas.

This is a great moment for all of us. Honour it. Make time to commune with great mother, great father, and the life that breathes us all.

In so much gratitude for you!

Part 2 | Shakti Manifestation Ritual

Part 2 | Shakti Manifestation Ritual

Beloved, last week you experienced a deep soul journey of reflection, appreciation and gratitude to yourself on the visions, dreams, and intentions that have brought you to the next step of your journey! Congratulations, you are doing great and things are about to “up level” in untold ways (happy dance!).
Now that you have fully honoured the incredible being you are and appreciated the medicine that has been shared with you, it’s time to take these insights and weave them into the next evolution of your soul’s journey.*


Gather your sacred objects and set a beautiful sacred space for yourself. Meditate and ground into your body by bringing your energy and presence into your pelvic bowl.

Connecting with great Gaia’s core, feel yourself connected to your heart, yoni, and the entire web of life that connects all living things.

Really allow yourself to feel the pulsing vibration of love frequency emanating from the reality around you.

NOW, ask your higher self:

  • How do I truly wish to be embodied, expressed, receptive, & celebrated in 2019?

Listen deeply.

With your crafting materials, pens, markers, pencils and a large piece of paper, give yourself the permission to access your creative self. Turn on a delicious soundtrack that brings out your energy and joy.

Similar to mind-mapping, draw a representation of yourself in the centre of your paper (this could be a bird, angel, or lovely drawing of your current form), and from that centre, draw circles with the words: Embodied, Expressed, Receptive, & Celebrated.

From there write down aspects that pertain to how you want to experience your 2019. This practice will allow you to go deeper towards your soul’s truth, rather than skimming it through ‘goal-setting’.

  • Embodied: This can be relate to the way you experience your daily life and how you consciously choose to be the fullest embodiment of your feminine wisdom. Are you feeling called to more intimately explore your suppressed emotions, feeling the need to embody more of your soft feminine essence, or wanting more creative s p a c i o u s n e s s??
  • Expressed: Desiring to feel more courageous in the arts, try a new hobby, push your boundaries through a course, or blaze a new career path? Are you feeling the urge to paint more, to sing, or enrol in a dance class? Let the ideas flow free form….whatever comes through is perfect.
  • Receptive: How are you willing to be more receptive to: gifts, miracles, compliments, touch, intimacy, and the love and kindness of others, yourself, and the Universe? Will you allow yourself to work less and receive more, open up to more love & tenderness, and connect to a deeper relationship with the Spirit of Life itself? Do you need more space to listen?
  • Celebrated: How would you like to be celebrated – by your loved ones, family and friends? What would being celebrated in your work look and feel like?  How would you desire to celebrate yourself more, your success, and the juiciness of life? Perhaps dressing up for no reason, breaking out those ‘special occasion’ items more, or spending more time with uplifting and joyous people.

Allow this to be an evolution. You may need more than one session to play, dream, unfold and receive what your heart wants to share.

Place your paper near or on your altar, or hang it somewhere you’ll see it over the coming year often!

If you feel inspired to share how you want to be Embodied, Expressed, Receptive or Celebrated in 2019, head over to my Facebook Page and post there or hit reply to this email. I’d love to know what you are intending for this upcoming year. 

love & pranams,

New Moon in Sagittarius: Reflection and Vision

New Moon in Sagittarius: Reflection and Vision

As we shift into this final stage of 2018, this is a perfect time to reflect on the past year’s triumphs and lessons, create sacred time to connect with family and friends, and begin envisioning your growth for the coming year.
This new moon in Sagittarius on Dec 7th is the optimal time to take advantage of this opportunity to dream big – with larger-than-life Jupiter ruling this lunation.
Like it’s archetypal symbol of the archer, allow yourself to be honest with yourself on what you’ve been truly wanting to experience, learn and receive and pull back your bow. Aim and release your arrow towards the nudges, inspirations, and hidden dreams still tugging at your soul.
AND there’s a call to deeper exploration… beyond just worldly things, what are the greater lessons, insights, and wisdom you’re wanting to embody. The archer is also half-man, half-animal – so this symbolism asks us to not only get clear on worldly desires but also spiritual ones.
Are you desiring:

  • To feel more intimately connected to your sensuality, expression and body?
  • To release inhibitions in speaking your soul’s truth and desires?
  • To feel freer in how you live your life?

For the month of December, I invite you to join me in celebrating this past year’s successes, insights, and journey along with setting strong and clear visions for our 2019.


So often, we can be in a hurry to accomplish, create or move onto the next phase of our life – without honouring, celebrating, and reflecting on the current stage or process of our journey.
Where you are in your life, is the manifestation of many dreams and intentions you’ve held in the past?
Now is the time to honour this.
In this ritual, come to acknowledge and celebrate ALL of the growth and progress you’ve made emotionally, spiritually, and physically to get to this place, right now.


Set your sacred space and really allow for an hour or two. Make tea, light candles, and grab that box of tissues. This is a love ceremony by you and for you…honouring yourself from a space of full appreciation takes precious time.
Take some deep breaths, and really drop into your core, into your heart, and into your yoni and womb space.
Using the microcosmic orbit, cycle your breath up the front and back of the body and allow it to circulate through your being.
Coming into your heart space, really reflect on the journey you’ve been on over the past 13 moons (13 months):

  • What major things have you experienced and grown from?
  • What deep limiting beliefs and ideas did you release about who you are and your worthiness?
  • What beautiful insights did you glean about the power and potency of yourself?
  • What revelations did you experience about how life is here to support you and the power of community?
  • What special messages and affirmations from Spirit have you appreciated?

These, my love, are to be expressed through your written word. Place these words and the paper it’s written on, on your sacred altar.
Watch my next email for the second PART TWO of this POWERFUL RITUAL, so you can start 2019 off with closure, celebration and aligned clarity.
love & pranams,

Full Moon in Gemini: Transformation of Sacred Anger

Full Moon in Gemini: Transformation of Sacred Anger

Anger is an emotion we often don’t give ourselves permission to feel as women.

Yet, suppressing anger within our emotional systems can often end up harming us when that unexpressed energy lodges in the body. Instead we can choose to channel our anger it into constructive action.

With this full Moon in Gemini square Mars (also known as the Beaver Moon), you may notice simmering anger coming to the surface. Repressed anger can manifest physically as pain in your body, accidents, aggressive reactions towards others, or as conflict in your home.

By courageously facing what is making you feel threatened, you create the space to look at situations with truth and perspective.
In this Full Moon Ceremony, we’ll be listening deeply to the messages of our suppressed anger and transmuting them for greater power, healing, and clarity.


Part 1: Activating your Voice

Our throat chakra is where we speak our truth from, and is also the chakra for many women which has experienced major blockages through patriarchy, oppression, and karmic seeds. You may have experienced lifetimes where speaking your truth had you abused, punished or even killed (think the European witch trials). Opening this chakra requires you to also open up to expressing the power of your righteous anger.

  1. Start with gentle sounds like OM, mantras or simple sound.
  2. Allow your throat to warm up and bring your voice to a louder expression.
  3. Take your voice to a comfortable but loud tone, and express the word “YES!” as enthusiastically as possible.
  4. Continue saying YES! at least 10 times.
  5. Now shift to yelling the word NO! at least 10 times.
  6. Feel any emotion that comes up…..suppressed emotion around a failed relationship, frustration, disagreements or anything else that surfaces.
  7. If it feels right, allow yourself to get primal and express your growls, yowls, and animal yells. Feel the ferocity in your voice to express your truth.

Part 2: Honouring the Anger to Release it

Our anger is also trying to bring attention to something we haven’t listened to, whether that’s boundaries, our intuition, or an issue we haven’t wanted to face.
Now that you have opened up your throat to express yourself, you’ll want to explore the messages your anger has for you.
Gather a piece of paper/pen/sacred objects. Set up sacred, serene and private space with your sacred objects. Maybe light a few candles.
On your paper, answer the following questions:

  1. I have suppressed my anger towards (insert name/issue/experience)….write down as much as you can.
  2. I honour my anger for bringing attention to the fact that….(write down insights of what the anger is wanting you to listen to) i.e. I need to create more space for personal self-care, I need to honour my boundaries in personal relationships, I need to allow myself to really feel the violation of …
  3. I now release the energy and emotion of anger to allow for….(write down the feelings + experiences anger has created space for) i.e., feelings of peace towards my father, feelings of love and trust towards myself and in really listening to what my intuition tells me

Afterwards, read aloud your answers. You’ll want to then burn the paper in a flame (and in a safe fire-proof vessel).

If you enjoyed this ritual, stay tuned for more heart based resources in the Embracing Shakti Temple launching in early 2019. Details soon.