Why Sexual Empowerment Coaching?


Each and every one of us is a sexual being with a tremendous capacity for love and connection. However our conditioning, society values and experiences often lead us to feel a deep lack in sexual and sensual confidence and empowerment. So we move through life feeling ‘not enough’. 

Reawakening our true, innate creative and sexual nature lets us live life from the place of wholeness and health that was always there, but just forgotten. Underneath the blockages, fears, and contractions around our sexuality, hearts, and relationships is a being within that wants to live life from a place of openness, freedom and connection.

Sexual Empowerment Coaching provides the catalyst for transformation to have the sex, relationships, and love that we desire and deserve. At the heart of this process is Tantra. Tantra is a tradition in which awakening is pursued through embodiment – where we reconnect and integrate our emotions and the capacity of our physical body to experience a range of sensations and experiences as a means to access our divine nature within. Tantra can help you forge a new connection with yourself and your sexuality, it can be the key that unlocks a new chapter of your self-love and personal expression.

As women, connecting to our own radiant pleasure is how we tune into our power, wisdom, and divinity. Unfortunately, in our modern world, sacred sensuality is largely a lost feminine art form. The pressures of a hectic lifestyle, self judgement, sexual trauma and our tendency to dissociate from being fully in our bodies means that many of us are shut down and missing out on a fully pleasurable life.

In a Sexual Empowerment Coaching session, I help women access the transformational potential of their sexual energy to heal blocks that can be found in the physical, emotional & energy bodies. As a result, you will  in your body, health, relationships and life. Every session is customized to exactly where you are at and your needs.



What if:


  • You could unlock your creative potential?
  • You could heal trauma that might be stuck
    in your womb or other parts of your body?
  • You could feel exquisitely alive and navigate
    life from your heart?
  • You could deepen your intimate connection
    with yourself and/or your beloved?
  • You could soften into the subtle sensations of
    turn on and relax into them without any goals?
  • You could awaken your innate erotic nature
    and feel awake, alive and turned on by life?


want to find out if this work is a good fit?

Sexual Empowerment Coaching


These luxurious 1-5-2 hour sessions sessions take place either in person within a sacred studio space or remotely online.

Each session is a unique ceremony. We take time for connection and conversation at the beginning,
and then a consecration ritual followed by the specifically chosen bodywork to release blockages
unlock the mysteries of deeper pleasure within you.

Our coaching sessions together may include breathwork, movement, dance and sensual movement, Shakti Yoga, sounding,
aromatherapy, hands on touch, emotional catharsis and other healing tools. 


Initiation Session – 1.5-2 hours

I recommend that all my clients begin with an initiation session. This is the experiential foundation to the all of the Tantric Embodiment sessions that I offer. The session is ceremonial and includes consecration, presencing, communication, grounding touch, breathwork and deep healing. We will also explore the Embodiment Series, Shakti Yoga and Spirit to Body practices. The Initiation Session is the first session within a Coaching Package. 

Transformation Session – 1.5-2 hours

Once the Initiation Session has taken place, you are ready to discover healing alchemy of the Transformation Sessions. These include a combination of Tantric, Daoist and Shamanic practices and techniques, rituals, massage, breath-work, emotional release techniques, energy-work, bodywork, meditations and experiential embodiment exercises.

The focus of the session will include a single or combination of the following offerings:

Sex & Relationship Coachinga safe space to talk about your sexual life, feeling more sexual empowerment and what you would love to be feeling in relationship to your body, your sensuality, and your romantic connections

WOMB VOICE AWAKENINGcreating a channel between the Earth, yoni, womb and throat to release her voice, her hurts, her desires and her song

SHAKTI ACTIVATIONKundalini Shakti awakening, listening and circulation through the microcosmic orbit

EMOTIONAL CLEARINGusing breathwork and 1:1 guidance to release energetic, emotional and physical hooks that need to be released

ASPECTINGcommunicating through mirroring to clear core wounds and healing the inner child

WOMB & BREAST MASSAGEconnect deep relaxation and pleasure with sacred touch. Reawaken your senses and capacity to receive and enjoy

Jade/Yoni Egg Practiceslearn how to access your sexual power, awaken your sexuality and maintain the health of your sexual palace

Elemental Massagesensual and powerfully healing massage technique that connects to the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether)

Body of the Goddessan unveiling and transfiguration ceremony to connect with the divine essence of your body

While I do offer a 3 session package, I highly recommend committing to a 6 or 10 session package. This catalyzing work best unfolds over a period of time, so I very much recommend planning for 3-6 months of sessions while the new changes take hold and root in your system.


Awakening Session – 2 hours

The Awakening Sessions are for those women who are ready to really dive deep into their healing and sexual awakening. At least 6 Transformational sessions must be completed before engaging an Awakening Session. Certain practices can only be done in person, others can also be experienced virtually. Each session is a full ceremony created specially and especially for you. Here are some of the practices I can offer:



I offer coaching packages starting with a minimum of 3 sessions and you can work with me from anywhere in the world. If you are local, we meet in either in your home or in a safe, private space. If working together remotely, sessions are online via video meeting which allows you to be in the safety and comfort of your home and bedroom.

Sometimes a shift can happen in just a few sessions, but healing, embodiment and sexual awakening often takes time and dedication to fully unfold. Our relationship can span a course of weeks, months, or even years, depending on how deep you are desiring to go.

Connect with me to discuss

3, 6 and 12 package options

My Training


My offerings are based on my over decades of practice, trainings and certifications with some incredible teachers, healers and shamans, including Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Training with Layla Martin, Sexual Awakening for Women Facilitator Training with Shakti Malan, Shamanic Tantrika Arts & Earth Priestess Training & Wombset Training with Anna Maria Magdelena, Breath of Bliss with Christabel Zamor, Orgasmic Meditation with OneTaste and numerous personal mentorships.

With a background & graduate degree in health sciences and 25+ years as an embodied yoga teacher, I have a profound appreciation for the mind-breath-body connection and how we can harness the gift of our sexuality as a source of healing and personal evolution.



“I do not say this lightly, I feel life changing results from the Tantric healing. A part of my neglected and battle bruised soul has been put to peace has been loved and I am now able to walk into the light. I find in the few days following already a confidence about me. My voice has returned to me and I will not give it away again. I find myself lingering in the mirror and smiling I feel a new love of life and self. I laid to rest not a chapter but a book. To be honest Carla to me is what love means. She has time again shown me the purest and most potent expressions of love. She has healed many wounds that lingered deep within my spiritual and energetic lineage and I truly thank her for this. My inner child is smiling and free once again and she is beautifully refreshed. I am so present in each moment. It reminds me of birth. I was scared excited unsure what was to come forward. I remember at one point feeling old traumatic experiences like poison being drawn forward from my tired and aching wounds. I wanted to stop to shrink back the openness and I looked to see Carla’s loving eyes and words saying I got you sister. I pushed on and came away feeling the relief and softness. My body reunited with my spirit I missed her. I missed feeling purely. The sweetest song of victory came forth and Carla just got me to lay in her arms. She is the essence of love and I felt healed I felt loved. I don’t know if I could have experienced a more successful healing. I am forever grateful and my light is shining bright.” ~ Caitie Hueller

Recently I was blessed to have a Healing session with Carla. I was and still am in awe of how Carla embodies the Sacred Feminine as well as the Sacred Masculine principles; the perfected Earth Mother and the illumination and grounding of the Father. She has the uncanny ability of holding both within her and balancing them into the perfected unity in which to touch your soul. I have never felt so cared for, so loved and so safe, all at the same time. I truly feel that this is the exact experience that every Healer absolutely needs to go through, so that the mother may be mothered, and thus be renewed and filled once more with the Light of Love. My wish for all of you is to experience this very sacred way of being.~ Susan Cohen

“Tantric healing with Carla has opened up a whole new dimension to my life — offering a set of practices that allow me to dive deeper into my experiences, inviting me to explore the power and wisdom of the physical body and connect with the deep currents of the soul at the same time. Carla is truly an inspired teacher and guide, gifted with the ability to create safety and comfort with practices that tap into the divine to access healing where we need it most. I’m so grateful for the space Carla’s gentle, loving, and supportive tantra healing practice and ceremony has opened up for me. Thank you for your beautiful goddess energy!” ~ Nicole Lindsay

“Carla is a gift. I am extremely grateful for our tantric session. I went into it with a preconceived idea of what to let go of, and through our session, was brought to different points of view about what is actually needed. Her nurturing and gentle nature allowed me to feel fully comfortable slipping into a different state around her, deepening my awareness.This was a potent session. Thank you.” ~ Amanda Robertson

“This session was amazing to have Carla adjust and respond to your energy and your needs within a ceremony. Very powerful! I was able to work through some womb issues including birth trauma. I feel more alive in my womb, hips, and lower belly. I feel like I released issues that have been causing my discomfort in this area, and already feel a strength there now. I highly recommend this process with Carla!” ~ Sarah Coffey