For many years I felt completely disconnected from my body and if I am honest, most probably from my heart as well. I have always been highly sensitive, an empath who can feel things intensely and deeply. But in the past it often felt as if I understood life around me much more than I ever understood myself. I struggled to make a meaningful connection between my body, mind, heart and spirit.
And I felt very much alone – it was as if everyone around me had figured out the secret to wholeness except me.
Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. For generations women have been culturally programmed to elevate the mind over the body, to feel less and think more and to uphold and venerate the masculine in everything we do. Appearing on the outside to be deeply satisfied by the many opportunities that modern life affords, but on the inside crying out for more feminine wisdom, authenticity, wildness and fulfilment.
So how was I able to change?
It was and continues to be a slow process of remembering, forgetting and remembering again.
I have sought out teachers, the holders of earth based feminine wisdom. I have practiced using sacred tools that have helped remap the connection to my body. I have catalyzed my awareness of the power contained within each soul phase of my journey as a woman. I have discovered that the feminine and sexuality are vehicles for expanding consciousness. I have breathed thousands of breaths infused with awareness.
And most importantly, I have intentionally connected with my sisters – coming from all ages and backgrounds, into a wise and awakened community. It is here that I have discovered that I am not alone. That there are so many others seeking and that in community we can hold space for one another to journey and expand together.
Maybe my story resonates with you. Maybe you are also a seeker on this path. If you are looking to step into your birthright, to join into a sisterhood of like-minded women and reclaim your sacred feminine power, I would love for you to join me:

If there is something in you wanting more, asking to be heard and realized, I encourage you to heed the call and seek that which you desire. I would be most honoured to help be your guide on this journey. And of you aren’t sure how to make a retreat a reality, contact me and let’s figure it out together.
“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” ~ Ancient Chinese Proverb
love & pranams,