Shakti is divine cosmic energy representing the dynamic feminine force of creation that moves through the universe. It is a powerful current that can move mountains, bask in deep stillness and rejuvenate your Spirit ~ yet so many women are disconnected from the vital energy of Shakti in their lives.
For more than 5,000 years the expression of the divine feminine has been both feared and suppressed. And while in the 21st century many women are living a life radically different from generations past, in many ways we are simply card carrying citizens in a masculine world. We are driven, competitive and adept at multi-tasking and muscling through life. The result is that we are tired, overwhelmed, passion-deprived, devoid of creative energy and completely disconnected to our vital, feminine energy. We are conditioned to fit into a small definition of what it means to be feminine and to ignore the many forms of Shakti that embody the whole of the feminine experience. Often we feel obligated to reject the parts of us that society deems not ‘nice’, ‘passive’, ‘feminine’ or ‘womanly’.
Being in alignment with your Shakti power gives you permission to embrace all of the feminine, including some of the shadow aspects like the ‘dark goddess’, fierce warrior’, ‘goddess of pleasure’, ‘mystic’ and ‘goddess of destruction’. These are just some of the many facets of Shakti that are necessary to embody the full spectrum of feminine power.
This is your birthright
It is your reclamation
It is necessary in these times
How can I start to connect into this energy inside me? First we need to get things moving in our bodies. Let me share with you an easy practice to begin to connect to your Shakti:
Shakti energy sits coiled in our root and sacral chakras, so consciously connecting with this energy can support the opening and flow of her up your spine. Any rolling, sensuous, fluid movements like standing circles or cat/cow can begin flowing this Shakti energy throughout your body.
Put on some juicy music that you love moving your body to. On your mat, begin slowing moving your spine in cat/cow, and focusing on the easeful flow of your inhale/exhale. Allow the movements to become freer and more sensual. Let your spine and pelvis move organically in a way that really feels good. Let your breath be expansive and luxurious – you can sigh out the breath audibly to invite more flow.
Focus your attention on the space below your navel, and feel the energy uncoil. You may experience a tingling, buzzing sensation in the body or something entirely different. Your experience of Shakti will be unique to you. Allow yourself to feel the energy expand, move and flow up your spine. Keep breathing and enjoy.
So simple, so effective. I’d love to know how this experience with Shakti was for you, just hit reply and tell me all about it!
love & pranams,