Utthita Hasta Padangustasana is simply known as the extended-hand-to-big-toe pose. It maybe sounds simple in English, but the balance it requires!
Start in tadasana – the pose that has you standing with your feet slightly apart, shoulders feeling tall and proud, and hands slightly opened towards the world.
From here, slowly bring your knee up towards your chest and grab onto your big toe with the same side arm. You will find it easier to have your elbow on the inside of your leg. By flexing your quad muscle you will naturally extend your hamstring and your leg will find its way straight.
Remember to push the ball of your foot on the ground through the floor for a sturdy balance.
If it feels natural, extend your leg towards the side and push your heel towards the sky!
To exit the pose, slowly bend your knee and bring it back to center, releasing your grip on your big toe!