On Friday we are coming into another Full Moon in Libra ~ and this one seems so especially auspicious, I just had to provide you some insight.

This Full Moon in Libra will boost the intimacy in all of your relationships, and ask of you to deepen in trust, honesty, and authenticity through embodying it. The Full Moon of April 19th, 2019 will encourage us to repair suffering relationships and to give be more present for our loved ones. If you are in a relationship and have things that you need to talk about with your partner, now is the good time to do so.

Releasing and letting go during the Full Moon will give you a freeing energy. What a relief it is to send your intention to the universe completed and free of any blocks. Believe that it is in motion and the universe is doing what is for the good of your intention.

Here’s a Full Moon Ritual you can use to release YOUR patterns and beliefs in relationships that don’t serve, and reflect on how you can embody more trust, appreciation and gratitude in all of your relationships. I guarantee you can expect more abundance, love, and good energy simply through this ritual.


You will need:

  • Candles & Incense
  • Altar Space
  • Pen & Paper
  • Smudge. Some suggestions include copal, sage, myrrh, tobacco
  • Crystal (one you feel comfortable releasing)
  • String/Thread, stick, and several rocks

1. Cleanse yourself, your altar/space, and chosen crystal with smudge along with lighting candles and incense.

2. Tie your thread/string around your stick, this becomes an emblem of yourself.

3. Now tie the same string around each individual rock that represents an important person in your immediate circle.

4. As you make the connection between yourself (the stick) and others (the rocks) reflect on your gratitude for that person in your life, the role they play, and the mirror they are for you. Feel into the energetic strength of that string, that connection.

  • Is it strong or weak?
  • Does it need more love or presence?
  • Have you been neglecting that connection?
  • Have you felt neglected by that connection?
  • Where could you better embody what you desire to experience in that connection?

5. Now, on a piece of paper, write down the desired outcomes you want in these relationships. Do you want to be a better partner to your spouse, do you desire to better support your family member, or provide a better sounding board to your best friend? Fold this paper and place it on your altar.

6. Finally, take a crystal and while holding it, allow everything you are ready to release from your relationships currently (such as old negative beliefs, people, or experiences) to be absorbed into the crystal. 

7. Once finished, take this crystal outside and giving the energy and thanks to Mama Gaia, bury the crystal in the ground and ask Gaia to take this energy from your life and transform it anew. 

8. And very importantly, release any expectations and place your trust in the fact that it is so!

I’d be honoured to hear more about your experience with this ritual – know that you can reach out anytime.